My Life In Mud Boots: The Garden

FB post 2 days prior: A gentleman came by today and tilled a vegetable garden plot for me. I’ve never had a garden nor have I an inkling of what I’m doing but this is me to a T….leaping into the great unknown, blind and cannonball style. ( TRUTH) This is my flare! Let the adventure Begin! ( Oh for Pete’s sake) I’ll let you know if this project comes with a profanity rating or if I need prayer. lol  ( Yes to both)


Those of you who read my “Mud Boots” saga have gotten a pretty good idea of life on the ranch. Summer and winter both present their own challenges.  Unloading hundreds of pounds of feed, throwing hay, mowing, mucking stalls in 110° heat is enough to make you want to give up the ghost.  In winter, mucking stalls in 18° weather, the well freezing for days on end and I’m trudging through ice and snow from the kitchen to the barn hefting 5 gallon buckeds of water to fill troughs.

Much of the time it’s a comedy of errors but its never short on hard work. Its a job in and of itself but theres still a household to run with its shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry and I also happen to manage the show great dane and I’m the ranch book keeper.


APPARENTLY, I don’t have enough to do so I decided to grow my own food as well! Yep, a garden. I must’ve lost my mind for a moment…just long enough to get a plot tilled and a supporter in this madness, Clay, who must’ve lost his mind right along with me. First, I have never gardened. In fact, I am widely infamous for my black thumbs. I can and have killed cactus!

This realization dawns on me while trying to rake the insane amount of grass out of said plot while taking a break from filling the trough I’d just scrubbed in 100° heat. What on earth was I thinking?!?!?!? (Actually it was more like “what tha #&*%! Aw Hell naw!”)

Here’s the great part! Have you ever wanted to explode at someone, riding them to the ground with your bare (blistered) hands wrapped around their throat? I have. Just the other day when my husband had a brilliant idea that he excitedly presents to me with eyes glittering and radiating with honest delight….He would build me a screened frame so I could SIFT THE DIRT! Oh yeah! If it weren’t for Jesus I’d….

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