Day 2, write a list

Things I Like

I like rainy days. Unusual I know but there’s something quieting about the rain and the hush that falls both without and within.

There’s something I can’t quite explain about an actual book.  A digital copy just cannot compare to the feel of it in my hands, the turn of a page and their love worn edges.

I like coffee with real cream, slobbery dog and baby kisses, my children and grandchildren gathered together under my roof, phone calls from my father, late night talks with mom and after all these years, still holding my husbands hand.

Things I’ve learned

I’ve learned that dumb animals are generally smarter than humans and do humanity better than we do as well. Whether a dog, horse, donkey,  chicken, fish or cat, they seek ways to connect and communicate with us, a completely different species.  They express  perfect unconditional love and are completely without judgement…except the cat and he’s just a dick.

Living on a farm, I’ve discovered that Hay has a very unique and magical property.  You wear a turtle neck sweater, bib coveralls, zipped up Cathcart jacket with a scarf and a bail of it will find it’s way into your bra.

On the topic of faith, I’ve learned to trust in the darkness, what I know in the light.

I’ve learned the value of things that are free; Being kind to others, letting someone else be right even if they’re wrong and a sincere apology. None of these cost a thing to the giver but are treasures to those who recieve.

Things I Wish

The thing I wish for most is to be remembered. I cherish so greatly my memories of and with my grandmother’s. I’ve told the stories so often that they are as much apart of my children’s memories as my own. Beyond just vague names on a stone, they live and breathe from one generation to the next.

Things I’m good at

Perhaps I’m not the best judge of that. A more honest and revealing view of that is from those who know me best. I actually asked this of my friends and family on Facebook and received 11 fast responses…

3 – cooking and baking. I’d have to say yes I am an incredible cook. I bloom in the kitchen and find few things that I enjoy more than cooking for others and baking beautiful desserts. Breaking bread together makes good friends.

2 – Writing. I’ve been writing all my life. Writing down the bones of my life, poetry of all my awe and tales of worlds I wish to see.

1- Looking. From a  junior high friend who is too kind and always hilarious. I was expecting him to say I’m good at throwing a punch.

1.- Friendship.  I hope and want that to be true.

1- Praying. This is in part true. I don’t  know how good at this I may be but I am ready wherever I see those who need, willing when called upon and do a lot of it.

1- Grandmother. I want this to be true as well. If loving your grandchilden makes you a good grandmother, then I’m the best at this.

1- all the above. This one doesn’t count. It’s from my daughter and she loves me.

1- loving me. This one counts the most of all. It’s from my husband. If I’m good at this,  it’s because it’s a job I love and that one thing supports, inspires, partakes and enriches all the things above.

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  1. Great post! I live in a rainy area, so I appreciate your love of rain–it’s beautiful, falls in poetry for me, and the sound is music. Also agree with you about books–I doubt I’ll ever read an e-book…need to feel the pages in my hand 🙂

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