Secrets and joy

If we were having coffee right now….                   This would be so much easier. I’d ask you to hold my hand. I can’t stand the waiting. I’m holding my breath, we all are.

This is big. An undercurrent of secrecy, just below the surface and behind the scene players have been in action for months, all working in unison to bring about this one moment.

I’ll be honest, I know this family,  It’s nothing short of a miracle that we’ve been able to keep this quiet. We aren’t  good at all with gift or surprise secrets, not at all. We just get so excited for one another that we want to scream from rooftops but this time, she doesn’t know.

She doesnt know that when our son brought her here to visit, that while I kept her entertained and he went with his dad  to “detail the car” for our daughter, They had gone to buy the ring.

We were nearly found out when she found the paperwork I’d given him that he had to explain away…It was Part of getting her ring! His mom crafting a plan to find out the ring size so we could take it in and have it sized then ship it to her so she could slip it to him on the sly. Even now, I hold this post in draft until the moment comes and is announced.

He’s been in training in New York and flew her there for Valentine’s day but brilliantly did not propose. Tonight is the night. While he’s taking her to see all the sights in the city, all the family, mom’s, dad’s, step parents, brothers, sisters are all waiting and holding their breath…waiting to explode with joy with and for them.

Any moment now we’ll get the word and begin getting the pictures of her ” ugly crying” as she’d say. Of course she will! She bawled like a baby when he gave her a puppy! Lol

Any moment now, we’ll officialy have the daughter and sister she’s already been in our hearts and officially  her family just got a whole lt bigger!

If we were having coffee right now, we’d both be crying and jumping for joy!


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  1. hi laura – i love the positive feel of your blog. thanks for reading and following mine, and i look forward to doing the same with yours. congrats on the new family member! best, beth

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