Day 14: Under Muffins

Kids are hilarious, you never know what they’re going to say. Our granddaughter, Phoenix, then about 4 yrs old, had come to spend a couple weeks with us at our ranch. Phi being such a nature girl, loved helping with the outdoor chores and caring for the animals.  At the end of the day I filled the tall clawfoot tub with bubbles and plopped Phi inside.                                                                         When Phi had  finished her bath, I sat on the floor sipping my drink while she buttoned her PJ top.  She says, “My momma likes to wear this to bed” while pointing to herself.  “Mimi likes PJ bottoms too” I said “I don’t like my legs to get hot when they touch.”    Phi says ” My daddy wears underwear to bed and he has……” then she makes circles with her fingers and asks ” What is it like this that cooks?” Holding two circles in the air.                                                   I’m totally dumbfounded but then she suddenly lit up and says “Muffins!”  She then cupped both hands and yells “My daddy has under muffins!”  I shot lemonade out of my nose!   Once I recovered I had to call my son. He laughs and says “she’s talking about my boxers, they have muffins on them and say stud.”    “Whatever stud muffin”, I replied “That’s totally going to be my new thing. “Kick em in the under muffins!”


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