The right words

The right words at the right time….
Have you ever experienced that moment where you knew immediately that the words you just spoke were exactly what the hearer needed to hear and for a moment you were connected in a profound and meaningful way? Today is the perfect time for this story…
     Many years ago I managed an oil change business. (Yet another set of shoes I’ve worn) One late afternoon an older gentleman pulled up and I guided him into the bay. He asked if he could just sit in his car.  I saw the wheelchair folded in the backseat and said of course he was welcomed to stay if he’d like.           While I took the info from his vehicle I noticed the purple heart emblem on his license plate. I returned to the driver for his milage and before walking away I softly said ” thank you for the sacrifice you made for me.” and went about changing the oil in his car.                      When I returned he stopped me. “Young Lady, thank you for what you said, you didn’t have to say that.” I was confused at first then I realized that his face was wet with tears and that was the moment I knew that these words were exactly what he needed to hear, so I knelt down beside the car, face to face and said “No, I did. You made my life possible.”                                 This Vietnam Vet who came home during a time when his countrymen treated them with shame, knew that he and what he did was remembered, appreciated and honored and it meant the world to him. Let us not forget nor become complacent in showing our appreciation to those who offered all for us. It doesn’t have to be a parade. Sometimes it’s just a simple thank you that can mean the world.
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