Of Love and Food

Whether its a love of cooking, entertaining or of eating a great meal, there’s no denying the unique relationship we have with  food.  I’d even go as far as to say that every great meal is an expression of love and a meal enjoyed, a reciprocation.  It’s inevitably connected to memories of celebration, home, comfort  and love.


My first recollections of the relationship between love and food were as a baby.  Each day, I’d run down the path from my grandmother’s to my great grandmother’s back door.  It opened right into her kitchen where she’d sit me at the table and cut me a piece of cherry pie.  

It was my favorite thing on earth! How could  a 3 yr old not fall in love with the vibrant red cherries, sweet and tart, oozing out from beneath a buttery, flaky crust?  She never failed to have one baked and waiting for my knock at the door.  It was her expression of love and I loved her back.


My childhood memories are filled with people I loved and the meals we shared.   My grandmother made open faced roast beef sandwiches with gravy, mashed potatoes and buttered peas.  My grandfather made homemade tortillas that smelled like heaven and melted in your mouth.  My other  great grandmother made fig preserves from her tree in the backyard and served it on hot buttered toast.  


Food was real back then, made from scratch with loving hands and I try to recreate those memories with my own family and friends. Cakes are baked without boxes and frosted with real buttercream that I’ve whipped and piped myself.  I chop, peel and simmer all day for the perfect gumbo, soup or stew.  These are meals made with love, for love and with hope… of memories that last a lifetime.






    • OMGOODNESS!! Thank you so much! I enjoy yours too much! Your snarky humor and spunk keep me rolling with riotous laughter! I read your posts to my husband who swears were the same person! Lol
      I’m traveling this weekend for dog shows with the great danes and know I’m falling behind here but I will definitely complete it! Again, thank you so much! I’m truly honored!

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  1. Your photos made me so hungry…especially the chocolate cake! Food really is special 😋 The first thing I learned to cook was a family recipe for meat sauce. It’s my anchor when I feel nostalgic or homesick. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. All i can say is it’s no wonder you’re so sweet with great/grand/parents and a childhood like that!

    Yumm-eee! 🙂

    (I’m drooling all over my keyboard now – thanksverymuch!)


    • Oh Em, its kitchen witchery. Lol
      A beautiful meal can look intimidating but if you make it a fun, there are no wrong answers kind of adventure, you’ll discover it’s much easier than you thought. Then there’s no stopping you! 😊

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