5 min Cure to the Toxic pity party

“Occasionally weep deeply over the life you hoped would be, grieve the losses, then wash your face, trust God, and embrace the life you have.”
-John piper

I think we all have those days when we’ve had a bad day or just don’t feel good. As a woman, I always have a running mental list of things that need to be taken care of. I accomplish one thing and add 10 more to the list and some days, I just feel like I’m wading through quicksand. For me, It’s almost easy to slip right into the habit of stink face.  Lol  That old fallen nature of “SELF” pity, poor me’s, I deserve’s, discontents and annoyance over tiny things.  It’s TOXIC to joy and its contagious to others.


I recently took a gratitude challenge and it has made me much more aware of these times, my reaction to them and given me the ability to stop, assess it and change my direction  to right thinking.  As magnified as my issues may be in my head, a quick reality check adjusts my focus in the most humbling way.

Take a mere 5 min. and start with the little things that you generally take for granted. That’s all you need.

1. This morning I washed my face, made and drank coffee  followed by a glass of lemonade, then started a load of laundry. All was performed with the turn of a knob that produce crystal clean water. 

Today in the world, a woman like myself is spending the day, from sun up to set, walking back and forth over miles to carry jugs of dirty water back for her village to survive.

2. I went to the fridge and pantry, choosing what sounded good to eat, made and ate breakfast.

Today in the world, an emaciated woman is holding her starving child to her empty breast.

3. I looked outside. It’s freezing with a rain / sleet mixture coating the patio. I turned up the heat, curled up on the couch with a blanket and read for awhile.

Today in the world, there are people without shelter and warmth,  under bridges, in boxes, vulnerable.

4. I contacted  my parents, my kids and grandkids to wish them a happy holiday.

Today, all over the world, parents just like me are mourning their children and children of all ages, wishing they still had there parents to talk to.

Margnifier still there? I didn’t think so 

Whatever my day or yours  holds, God has confidently placed these within our hands to manage. We can deal with all these things because He strengthens us and in committing these things to Him and performing them as if we were doing them for Him redirects the pity path to one which not only lifts the spirit but glorifies Him. Today let our anthem be:
This is a day that the Lord has made. I will  (I will too) be glad and rejoice in it.
Todays happy….revelation of right perspective and glorifying the Lord in our daily lives with the gratitude of understanding we are deeply blessed.



  1. In my life i relate what i am learning about photography (that shows the world from a chosen perspective – that can be changed at any time, even while viewing the ‘same’ thing(s) ) to how i am seeing or feeling about things.

    Your four points give two very different perspectives of a human life.

    In my bedroom i have a stick model i have made that can appear as several decidedly different objects and constructions depending upon which angle you view it from and this reinforces for me that it is more about the perspective you chose than the ‘way the world’ is when things seem tough or you don’t want to get up and deal with all the ‘stuff’ life seems to throw at you on ‘those’ days! 🙂

    Self-pity is very definitely toxic, and not just to ourselves. Developing gratitude for the chance to start each day afresh can help us overcome it.


    • Thank you! Those 5 short minutes, even when I was in terrible situations, allowed me to minimize it, instead offered inflating, be grateful for what I did have, shift my care from myself to the care of others and strengthen me to deal with the issues at hand.
      How do you get through them? It could be a great post to offer different processes for coping with difficult days, dont you think?


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