Man Movie Dilemma

I was thinking that Clay should pick a movie to watch tonight.  He’s made me pick the last 3.  He’s probably feeling guilty because he had first pick and made me sit through “Monty Python and the Holy Grail ” AGAIN! It’s like immersion therapy.  He’s thinks if I watch it enough I’ll finally start getting it and stop giving him THE look. Never going to happen. You should see my face while having to sit through Dumb and Dumber for the 22nd time!

He’s been trying this approach on me with Lonesome Dove for years. Usually he puts the movie in and by the title, he’s already asleep and I’m stuck watching it for the next 8 HOURS!!!  Swear that’s the longest movie ever made… gets longer everytime your forced to watch it. JK
But look, my Dad likes these movies along with Napoleon Dynamite and trust me, if my dad likes something, I’ll give it all I’ve got.  I admit that I didn’t get Napoleon Dynamite at all the first time I watched it…in fact I couldn’t get the ” What tha!” Look off my face for hours. Now, I laugh everytime. Hmmm….maybe immersion therapy does work! Oh Lawd!                                                  We have opposing opinions on movies in general. While scrolling thru the channels one night we simultaneously shouted out a movie we’d seen on the list.                           Me: Chronicles of Riddick!!!                      Clay: 27 dresses!!!!!                                           My head spun around so fast I got a mild case of whiplash!   “I’m sooo putting this on facebook,” I said, to which resulted in various threats that only fueled my hilarity.  “Hand it over, dude.”  I said.  He looked genuinely confused. ” Your man card, give it.”                                                                           We once had a 20 min argument over the movie, “You’ve Got Mail,” being a chic flick.  I had to google it to prove it was!  It’s in the top 10 all time!!!!!                                            He’s had it with me! They are now called, MAN Movies.   “Oh look, Babe, there’s a  “MAN Movie!”   I get THE look.


  1. 27 Dresses??? Dude! Seeeriously?? ( Does the other Look – one eyebrow down, the other at 45 degrees)

    I can only pray that he called it because he knew he’d gone too far with MPATHG (brilliant movie btw!) 🙂 and thought it was something YOU would TRULY LOVE to watch and would greatly enjoy. Given your call ima thinkin’ he might not know you – or your taste in movies – all that well?? 😉


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