Barefoot In The Kitchen: I Can’t Cook!?

Anyone can cook!  The only obstacle your facing is….you and thinking you can’t.  You can! It’s easier than you think!  Start small and grow.  Above all, have fun!


Today’s offering is a super simple dessert.  It’s quick, easy, delicious and extremely versatile. Quesadillas are one of the simplest and most versatile foods you can make, furthermore, it’s on the top of my list for being frugal and perfect for feeding large groups.  I first made a dessert version for a church youth group.  I provided dessert for 20 kids plus adults with. ..

Dessert Quesadilla’s

1 package of flour totillas 1 sm jar of chucky peanut butter. 1 jar of marshmallow cream 1 sm bag of chocolate chips. Butter, and Cinnamon sugar.


Take 2 tortillas.  Spread peanut butter in the center of one, leaving about a 1/2″ margin around the outside.  Repeat with the second using marshmallow cream.  Sprinkle chocolate chips on one of them and sandwich them together.
(Prepare as many of these as you like and set aside)
Place a skillet on the stove just below medium heat.  Now, you can do 1 of 2 things, either spread butter on the top then place in the skillet buttered side down or brush with melted butter.  (my preference. see note on that.)  Once in the skillet, butter the top.  Cook, gently lifting the edge with a spatula to check, until golden brown then flip.
When done, remove to a plate, dust with cinnamon sugar, cut in quarters and enjoy warm.

Tip: Melting butter. Place butter in a cup or bowl with the wrapper on then place in the microwave. This will keep it from splattering and wrapper will lift straight out.

Be Creative! Experiment!
Example: Mix softened cream cheese with sugar and lemon juice ( tastes like cheesecake ) spread on totillas and too with sliced strawberries or cherry pie filling.
Go wild and let me know what ideas you come up with!
Happy Cooking! Enjoy!


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