Not Today, Satan!

Seriously? Kansas does it to me every time! In a word, the weather here is random. I’ve only been here once before. It was early fall and the weather had been gorgeous in Oklahoma and according to our sons, also in Kansas. 

We wanted to visit our sons who were working on a wind farm out of Dodge City.  We loaded up the dogs and RV for a surprise visit. The night we arrived was sweltering. We all went for dinner and drinks then made plans to together the next day. The next morning we opened the door to a snow covered winter wonderland and a bitter frigid wind!  Hmmmm….what to wear? I had shorts, a couple spaghetti string summer tops and 2 pairs of cute sandals.




We arrived in Wichita Kansas on Weds. Our first dog show was Thursday. We walked the city streets taking pictures and stopped to have lunch at a food truck court. It was 73° and I was longing for shorts but dressed for the show instead. 


Yesterday, we didn’t show until 2pm. Our big male won Best Of Breed so we had to show again around 4pm. When we walked out of the building, wouldn’t you know it, pouring sleet and this morning we’re covered in snow! Not today, satan….I brought a sweater!








      • Right? I learned that on my nature road trip off the grid through5 states for 40 days me and my kitty…16degrees and ice on the inside of the car windows…and 70 in the day..even in the south part of Arizona and UTAH…I had down on at night and bathing suit in the day hahaha.

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      • EXACTLY..but I was chasing sun….from rainy seattle after ny son went to heaven..I needed SUN…but had no idea nights in the south including arizona get SNOW..good thing I was wash READY hahaha…I did that all Jan and feb…best time to go though..less people out..noone camps when its frozen unless your a mountain climber..and me and my kitty lol…best adventures ever though…I hope your warm now and all was a perfect success other than snow..

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      • I’m so terribly sorry. What a horrible, unnatural thing to go through as a parent. I’m in awe of you. So many wall themselves up against life…but you charged at it, chased it. Higs & 💗’s


      • My son made me promise I would lol..he can.kick my ass from heaven very much there..I have lots of stories , its kinda soreil…but none the less if it was up to just me I would of been fine drowing in tequila and im not a drinker..but he made me promise a lot of things and so now im accountable to an do you rebel against that…


  1. Ha! Have you been to TN??? Seventy degrees and snow, all within the span of two weeks. Perhaps it’s global warming, waving at us from behind the scenes. Excited to see that you show dogs. I used to show shepherds in AKC obedience. What a blast that was, and I always enjoyed sticking around the conformation rings before and after I showed. I haven’t seen your breed yet, but I’m going to snoop around and see what you’ve got! Look forward to reading more of your stuff!


  2. HA! It’s good to be prepared! 😉

    and here i am stuck with blue skies and sunshine and mid 20’s to mid 30’s ( Centigrade, i hasten to add 😉 – around 80’s to mid 90’s) for the last 6 months.

    It’s TOUGH livin’ here, i tells ya! 🙂

    Oh! – and Nice One ‘Gus!!! 🙂

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