Rather Bonnie and Clyde


During my grandmothers era, things were much different than they are today.  My mother was born during a difficult financial time for my grandparents. The hospital bill was $50 and they simply didn’t have it.

In those days, you were expected to pay the bill up front.  If you didn’t, you could certainly leave the hospital BUT without the baby! The baby had to be left there!


My grandfather would have none of that! That very night, he twarted the hospitals plan to keep my mother.  He broke into the hospital by the dead of night, stealing my mother and grandmother! 


My grandmother, then got a job at Borden’s Ice Cream Shop and though it took a couple months, together my grandparents paid the hospital every penny. 


  1. Wow, what a sad story but happy ending. I would have just freaked out if they kept my babies before the bill was paid. I am so glad they stopped doing that. Now I know why my grandma had 8 of her babies at home which included my dad and he was an identical twin. My grandma had two sets of twins in her lifetime and her husband (my grandfather) delivered them all at home.


    • You know? I couldn’t believe my ears! I wonder what happened to the babies whose parents couldn’t ever come up with it and I wish I had asked. Were they sent to orphanges? I imagine many people in that situation chose to contnue having babies at home.

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