The Old Farm House: The After

Property Remodel,  outside and inside from ground up. See the before pics here.


13 large trees cut down, overgrown shrubs removed,  re-landscaped.  Complete facing replacement, built shutters, painted doors, resurfaced porch, new lighting, built split rail fence. New heat / Air. New garage door.



All new doors, refinished cabinets, new hardware, appliance’s,  granite counters, glass tile backsplash, new sink and faucet, new lighting, new floors. Tore down walls for more open concept




No more walls! New cedar post




New sliding barn doors


Refinished beams to raise the ceiling perception. New floors, popcorn ceiling removered, new fan & lights, built new cedar mantle, refinshed door, fireplace insert removed.



New front bathroom: completely gutted. Removed hall closet to add to the bathroom, walls removed. New shelving built, installed antique farm sink & claw foot tub, new toilet, new floors, ceilings walls and lighting



New master bath, total redo


Last but not least…the old florida room now inclosed, new walls, floors,  ceilings, lights, fans….the new man cave / bar

























    • I do! We remodeled it from floor to ceiling and everything in between and did it while managing a working horse ranch, the animals, our Danes dog shows and Clay’s career to boot. It was backbreaking, exhausting and in a house that old, there are no small simple jobs. You remove so much as a switch cover to replace it and you’ll discover you need to rewire the whole thing! Lol But, at the end of the day, filthy, exhausted, frustrated and worn to your ends, you step back and take in the work, transformation and smile, feeling accomplished, content with a job well done and in love with the actuation of your dream.

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  1. […] 5 years later, with Clay nearing early retirement, we began dissolving our horse ranch and remodeling the 1969, run down farmhouse.  (Farmhouse before)  I returned to those earlier construction days, strapping on a tool belt and we began virtually rebuilding from floor to ceiling.  There were many areas of this project that neither of us had tackled before but hey, we fly by the seat of ours pants around here and you can YouTube how to do anything right?  Boom!  Home remodeler!  (Farmhouse After) […]


    • Thank you Kelley! Doing it ourselves, we certainly learned a lot of new skills. We worried (as usual) if the effort would end up being a win or lose. Thankfully, full price offer in 3 days and new friends made along with it.


    • Except for the actual framevand brick…it pretty much isn’t! Lol we vertually gutted and redid everything from the ground up! Even trim and new baseboards. It was an ever growing project really…we do one thing and it’d look so nice that it made everything else look bad so we’d redo that too! Before we knew it we had rebuilt everything!

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    • Thank you! It was fitting for the ranch but now we’re lake dwellers so redecorating this place except the basement bar area that opens to the lake is all cow skin rugs and saddles. A piece of my last life here. 😊

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