Back in the day: From L-R  The youngest, Joey, Vickie #2, middle child, Michael, Myself the oldest, Eddie #3

The relationship between siblings are often complicated.  In my case, I’m the eldest of 5.  At any given time, any 2 or more may be in a spat or a fury but at the very same time we love, will potect and defend each other with everything in us. Siblings are funny that way.  We may call each other jerks, but nobody else better!  There’s a saying in our family…My brother / sister, may be an @$$hole, but they’re my @$$hole! 

Who in life can know the most authentic, goofy, sensitive, funny, mean, tender versions of you like your siblings. And, they love you anyway?  Sometimes, your very best friends in life also happen to be your siblings.


Last year: From L-R  middle Mike, #2 Vickie, #3 Eddie, Our mom, Young Joey & old gal Me. Lol

The dynamic between us are funny too. Being the oldest, I favor the youngest in appearance.  Joey and I are shorter, darker complected, brown eyed and both (providing I lay off the bleach) have very dark hair while the 3 middle borns are tall and fairer. 


My youngest brother is living and working in the UAE these last few years so I don’t see him often anymore and I miss him.  I ran across this memory today on FB.  It reminded me of how wonderful it is to have siblings and how important that love and relationship is throughout life.


Had a wonderful time last night. Clay was just worn out and fell straight out after he cooked us the best steaks Ever! He is the steak man! But I was sitting alone except for the dogs who wanted to pile up in my lap while Clay snored lightly in his recliner and a storm raged outside. Then I heard the familiar ding of my phone letting me know my brother, Joey Fields, was there. He’s living in the mid east, away from familiar faces of friends and family but gaining an ever expanding view of the diversity of life, cultures, traditions and collecting both stories to tell and the stories of others from all walks and nations.
We talked via WhatsApp for 3 1/2 hours and in that time he shared the world with me and we explored it together, marveling and in wonder. We talked about politics and together we solved and set everything straight, patriotism, the bible, American pride, Texas pride and survivalist prepping, all the while finding humor and hilarity in all the areas we explored.
While the storm raged outside, I was whisked away…. to somewhere in the mid east, curled up by my brother, heads together, laughing… plotting… planning…creating new worlds like children again.



  1. Families are funny. I think spouses of siblings are often what create divisions. Hey, looking back I see how my ex distanced me a lot. Partly cause he was a jerk and they didn’t want to be around him. None of us (5 in total) know if the eldest is still alive, or where he might be. His wife even cut them off from their own kids years ago. Our parents died not seeing them at all. Was very sad.

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  2. What a heartwarming post!! ❤ Siblings are the best. I feel so sad for the ones who don't have any or who really don't get along with them.

    Wow the UAE! How does he like it? At my husband's job they have guys that come from the UAE once a year for 3 months to learn how to work the same job that my husband does. He is an Electronic technician at a Army base.

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    • My brother is a nuclear engineer from nuclear1 power plant instructing in the UAE. It’s been an amazing adventure, traveled everywhere…seen the pyramids, petra, baptised in the Jordan river. The view from his apt is above the clouds, boats from the sheiks marina…says its both beautiful and so clean there. Very welcoming and accepting.


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