DIY: Bargain shopping & Mini Bars

I’m famous for bargain shopping! ( or possibly  infamously cheap. Lol) It’s True that I often see a price tag and think, “That’s ridiculous! I’ll make one myself before I pay that!”,  “That could be done better.”  Or, at times while at a yardsale, flea market or aution and find something crazy cheap, I’m all in with “Oh! I can do something with that!”


Example of my bargain shopping skillz: Found this bed frame at a yardsale in a barn, covered in dust and dirt. Price $15. Cleaned it up.7


My project shopping has at times caused marital strife.  Clay: Lord! I wish you’d get your “projects” out of my garage! Me: PotAto, Potato dude, wish you’d get your lawn tools out of my workshop! Lol  Can you see his lawn tools?


I found this old microwave cart at a sale for $5. It was old, scuffed and missing a castor. SOLD! My idea was to convert this into a mini bar. On top is the “on sale” glass, black and gray tile with stainless segments that I wanted for the top.  I sanded any deep gouges and deglossed it.  First, I Painted the side panels and doors with high gloss black lacquer.  When thoroughly dry, I applied a vinyl wall decoration that I found at a yardsale for 50 cents then painted over the entire thing with a flat black paint. Once complete, I gently lifted away the vinyl stickers, exposing a striking black of black design.


The slide out was painted with chalkboard paint then I installed rope lighting to the cabinet areas and a wineglass rack.  Final cost $15.  Note: when using glass tiles, always use sandless grout to avoid scratching the tiles.





  1. I’d like to see more photos of the mini bar – top and front. Looks amazing and giving me ideas for a project that I’m working on. Have sanded and cleaned down an old cupboard I picked up last weekend, from someone’s workshop. It’s to go in my studio, hopefully with a bench and sink I got for free.

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  2. My bestie has a Lady Shed. Better get the tools and build yourself your own Lady Shed. Or perhaps Clay can get one of those aluminum shed to put those stupid tools in lol

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