White Water Rafting the Canyon


cookiesandmoo wrote:

What scares me to death is the thought of getting into a rubber raft and riding over the rapids of a river.  I just cannot imagine taking that kind of chance with my health.  However, I don’t mind watching other people being foolish by riding the rapids.

I don’t think I was such a scaredy cat when I was young, but now at the ripe old age of (well much older), I readily admit my fears.  And to be honest, once you become a parent, your priorities change

Isn’t that the truth?

Ahhh….I was young, 10 feet tall and bullet proof once. My antics and gusto, cannon balling blind folded into harrowing adventure… It’s a friggin’ miracle I survived to be this old!
My kids are a holy terror and there I am with my hair standing on end and stomach free falling into the pit of me, screaming ” OMG! What are you doing?! Stop that! Get down!” To which they say “But you did it!”  Well yeah. But I’m crazy!
I think that time of fear and caution came for me when “The horse came back alone“.  There’s nothing like a month in ICU to deflate invincibility. ..the wake up call that says “Welcome to middle age! Surprise! You’re breakable!”
As per rafting the Rapids…been there. Gotta do that in the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a bunch of crazy indians. The bottom of the canyon is as hot as hades and the water is bone jarring cold. Between the two, I was pretty sure I’d need both a come along to dislodge me from sweat soaked clothes and a pry bar to unclench my teeth!                                             The rapids were so rough, we came off that ride feeling like we’d been beaten with a ballping hammer! And, poor Clay was so sunburnt,  he wasn’t even a human color anymore…Eggplant, that was the color.               White water rafting? Sure! Sounds like fun but you hobble off afterwards feeling like a survivor, facing the sharp incline ( in hades) that you have to now climb to get to the helicopter to fly you out and that now seems only reasonable that it’s bound to crash.



  1. Riding the rapids is exciting and yet mixed with a little apprehension as well. They are enjoyable and the best one I’ve encountered included a guide who would tell us when to paddle with all our strength to get through the wash. He did a great job maneuvering us around the rocks and through the drops.

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