DIY: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Years ago, when we lived in the city, a man and his son were going door to door offering to restore wood privacy fences. He took me outside and sprayed a solution on the fence and the gray weathered look melted before my eyes!  Flash forward to living on the ranch and having stall runs built only to find them weathered gray in no time!
I couldn’t believe that this mystery solution would be so expensive that the guy could afford to waste it going door to door merely hoping someone would take his offer.  I put on my super sleuth hat and starting investigating.
When I found what seemed to be the only cheap answer…. it didn’t seem possible!  Here’s my video. You’ll be as shocked as I was! Worked like a magic trick!
Items purchased: $5 pump sprayer and a gallon of dollar store Bleach.  Pour bleach into sprayer ( full strength).  Start spraying. That simple.  Be sure to seal it to preserve your hard work. Lol  Or, repeat as needed.
Spray, dry, seal.

The Stall Runs Before:


My Video:

The After once sealed: see the 4 yr old Runs against the brand new fence? Amazing!



    • Could NOT believe it! We were remodeling to sell. The more work we did and the better things looked, like building the new split rail fence, only made that more of an eyesore! The big jobs were both labor intensive and costly so I was over the moon with how cheap and easy it was to restore it to its former glory. Not to mention, that guy wanted to charge me $1000.00 to do the privacy fence at ciry home!!! What a wanker! Lol

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