You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

Happy Birthday to The 1st Born.

37 years ago, your grandparents and all your uncles were at the house awaiting your arrival. It was June, hot and you were a bit late. Haha


Between 11pm and midnight, I began having little belly ” cramps”. I’d never been in labor before…what did I know? I thought I had gas! Lol I’d just roll over and go back to sleep. At 7am, not wanting to wake anyone, I slipped quietly into the livingroom to watch the clock and started timing “cramps”. Soon, granny got up and heading to the restroom, noticed me there. Almost immediately, EVERYONE was watching the clock! By 8am, we’d called the doctors office and headed off for the near 30 min drive. Upon examination, I was indeed in labor but….the hospital was overwhelmed and asked if I could wait awhile!


You bet! We went to Waffle House for coffee and pecan waffles! (This would later prove to be a mistake but what the heck? It was your last prenatal meal) Let me tell you, not a soul in the restaurant was going to leave while I was there and in Labor. There was a line around the building!

500 W. Medical Center Blvd, Webster, TX 77598

Once we got to the hospital, the number of women in labor had not eased. My labor room for the next several hours would be 3 cots crammed into a cleaned out supply closet. Around 9pm, I finally got a real labor room. The labor pains were coming every minute or two but by then, I was so exhaused, I fell asleep between them. In 1981, natural child birth was all the rage ( WTH?) but after so many hours and still only dilated to a 5, my doctor begged me to take an epidural. Granny, watching her own 1st born, struggle those long hours, begged too. I conceded and in no time, I was ready to go! Just before 11pm, they attempted to deliver you. That’s when things went nuts! Your heart stopped and my heart rate started plummeting. Everyone started scrambling! With little time, they rolled my shoulders to reach my spine and paralyzed me from the neck down so they could take you. Soon, I heard your cry….I cried too.


You’ve come a long way since then.


From delightful child.


Jr High Sweethearts.


Honors Society, High School


Dean’s List and Football in College


Serving Your Country


Marrying Jr High Sweetheart!


Becoming a dad πŸ’•

Today is a special day. A day we uniquely share together…the day of your birth and my very first day as a mom. You’ve come a long way, baby, with many steps between and I have been so proud of you in them all…. from your very first one. Happy Birthday, my son.

Love, Mom


  1. So beautiful and lovely❀️❀️❀️I’m a mom myself and this almost brought the tears. Remember the labor and all the years is so important. Nothing can compare to become a mom

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