Transformed: My Daughter’s Journey

In A Word: Inspiring

It took 6 years after having my son for my memory to fade enough to have my daughter. 23 hrs of  labor is a strong deterrent.  My children were complete opposites. My son who was small, struggled to gain weight.  My daughter struggled with hers.

She was beautiful, smart, strong, a razor sharp wit and full of hilarity. She didn’t let her weight stop her from achieving whatever she dreamed.

By the age of 12, she could bench press 250 lbs and she wanted to play football like her brother before her.  She was one of the first girls to ever play boys football, having tried out, won her position as a starter on both offense and defense.  She was also the first female to ever attend Razorback Football Camp at the university of Arkansas, Fayetteville at the insistance of famous coach, Houston Nutt who flew his daughter in the meet her.


She became the youngest licensed tattoo artist and piercer at the age of 13.  She wanted to learn welding and began building railcars. She’s been a successful business owner. In college classes, made the deans list and is a phenomenal mother of Adalie and the super preemie miracle son, Erza, from my blog, Prayers For Ezra


But, through it all, she struggled with her weight.  About 8 months ago, she decided to tackle that with the same strength and determination as she has everything else in her life. 


She found a group on FB called Mission Possible. She joined the group and her first challenge. She also began studying nutrition.  Amazingly enough, she needed a higher calorie amount! The reduced calories had her body in starvation mode, thereby storing everything as body fat!  She studied macros, clean eating, raised calories, joined a gym and got busy transforming her life and now….she coaches and inspires others! She’s even recieved calls and recognition from the mission possible and 

Note: she does 500 pushups a day, working toward 1000!



Today, while still on her journey, is not only no longer obese according to her BMI  she’s only a few percentages away from hitting  fitness range with a goal of Athlete range within site.


First dress ever?




  1. Awww….bless your heart! I had to have my thyroid removed. Getting that on straightened out may make things easier. Prayers! If you have facebook you can friend me, Laura Bailey and her Krista Vick-Francis. You’ll be able to connect to the Mission-Possible group there too where she coaches and leads challenges.


  2. I came across your post and wow! You, your daughter, I don’t know who’s more amazing! Your daughter has such resilience and her determination is admirable. I am now struggling with my weight and don’t even know which foot to step with first. Her story is inspiring, thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    • Awww…thank you! I’m so glad you stopped by and found something that spoke to you! I wrote a couple things concerning her journey and about her super preemie son in ” prayers for Ezra”.
      Either “What Beauty is”
      Or Mission- Possible
      Has a link to her on Instagram. She’s a coach and leads challenges now and would love to help any way she could. Friend her and she’ll give you all the support you need. 💕

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      • I don’t have an Instagram account. 😌 I also have two preemie babies that required NICU and are now thriving. These babies are truly miracle babies. I will definitely look at those other posts, thank you for linking them for me. I am now struggling with my thyroid, had a biopsy done and am waiting for those results. Don’t know how much my weight has to do with my thyroid but it’s been such a challenge for the past couple of years. She’s an inspiration, that you can and you will! 😊🙏🏽


      • Thankful for your sweet babies. Indeed they are miracles! Ezra was born at 26 weeks, 1 lb 9 oz. 4 months NICU. It was a rollercoaster ride. Hes had so many surgeries and has cerebral palsy from the stage 3 brain bleed but he is beautiful, loving and the happiest boy ever. He’s my heart. 💕

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      • What a journey he’s been through – he’s truly a miracle! 🙏🏽 God bless everyone who stands by him. I tried daily to visit my babies during their time in NICU. But with my first NICU baby, I couldn’t make it to the hospital for 2 days and it nearly killed my heart. I had no one to watch my other little ones and I couldn’t make it to nurse him at night. Of course I called, his nurse assured me there was plenty of breast milk. My husbands reassurance didn’t go far. As that feeling of not being by their side, is something only a NICU mom knows. Thank you for sharing his journey with me. 😊💛


  3. Amazing story! Ive struggled with extra pounds all my life. Just as i got it very well under control a few years later my thyroid would fail me. I know how hard it is and she deserves much praise for getting to the other side. Also amzing story of a determined young women even from childhood.

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    • Awwww…..thank you so much! I myself have always been thin and I know that had to have made things even harder on her as a teen and struggling. I weighed 150 lbs when I gave birth to my children, which is still within my BMI range! Then I had a C scare with my thyroid. The lump turned out to be a cyst but they needed to remove it so I know your struggle! My body doesnt always feel like my own, doesn’t respond the way it used to….I gain differently and lose differently. I’m right now, 150 lbs and though its within range, I’m not comfortable in my own skin, if that makes sense? My daughter is now instructing and inspiring me! 😊


      • Makes perfect sense i was 130 pounds full term with 2 of my children ans 160 with the first 2. But I am only 5 ft tall lol. 95 pounds is how i lived most of my 20s then shortly after my last child was born the weight kept going on, by the time i realized something waa wrong i was 175 pounds and then was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroid auto immune in my mid 30s. Now in my early 40s I sit at 140 up from 125 that i struggled to get down too from 175. I too am not comfrotable in my own skin but have accepted as long as I do my best to be healthy I need to remember my body is fighting me the whole way and I am ok as I am.

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  4. First of all, congratulations. To you and yours and everyone who manages to struggle and succeed. Yes, eating the RIGHT amount is really the issue — AND the right food. It turns out if you eat only carbs, no matter how few, you won’t lose weight. Some food helps. Other foods hurt.

    Great, encouraging article. Thanks.

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