Mission Possible

Inspired by my daughter, I’m sharing her FB post from today.




At first thought… I hate trying on Swim suit tops… Second thought… This is the first time I have actually tried on a swim top…Third thought… I LOVE this swim top and dangit I WILL wear it!
I often forget how far I have come. That I actually enjoy shopping, and that It is okay to show off my hard work, because I did the work!

It is interesting, how I was used to saying, ” I dont like this or that”, or “I can’t do this or that” because for so long I didn’t, couldn’t, or wouldn’t. Now that my dictionary includes… I can, I am, and I will. I enjoy the little and the big victories in my journey to health. Yes, at times I have occasional brain farts and forget. Then I remember positivity breeds positivity and I will not be a slave to body dismorphia.

Thank you guys for believing in me, even on days I didn’t believe in myself!
You guys have been my source of energy, knowledge, faith and friendship during my entire journey. Thank you fit fam for giving me the opportunity to prove my actions speaks louder than words! Love you guys to the mountains and back!

Before her 8 month, butt busting transformation


If you’re interested in transforming yourself into a healthier you, find her here:


She’d love to help you start your journey




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