Manic Mondays Prompt : Mysterious?

Standing in the void of the Daily Post,  I’m offering a couple prompts for fun and inspiration. Each Monday, I’ll post a photo and a song.  Although many prompts offer an example work, this one won’t.  I don’t want to influence nor inhibit your creativity.  I won’t contribute until the end of the week. 

For the first Manic Mondays prompt, I thought I’d offer something a bit different to start with….something a bit darker and mysterious.  Below, you’ll find one visual item, one audible.  Use one, both or one to inspire the other.

The response to the prompt is completely up to your imagination and wherever it takes you whether a poem, short story or artwork. Go wild!

P.S. this is my personal photograph so feel free to use it in your response to the prompt if you like!

Create a pingback then add a link to your contribution in the comments.  Please visit the other entries and connect with one another!  Cannot wait to see your entries!!!

Happy Blogging! 💕







  1. Reblogged this on All The Shoes I Wear and commented:

    Although this week is winding down and Monday will start a whole new prompt, feel free to contribute to this one if these prompts inspire you. Remembee that you are free to use my photo in your entry if you like. A special Thanks to those who’ve participated so far!

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