Meet Rube Burrow, King of the Outlaws

Skeletons in my family closet. My great grandmothers cousin.

Real Southern Men

A Real Southern Men Profile

His legend hasn’t lived on like that of Jesse James or Billy the Kid. In fact, if not for a beloved (and now sadly defunct) eatery on Birmingham’s Southside, it’s likely most Southerners wouldn’t even know his name. He was Rube Burrow, the “King of the Outlaws.”

Born Reuben Houston Burrow in 1854 in Lamar County, Alabama, Rube seemed destined for the simple life of a farmer.  He moved to Texas as a young man, finding work on an uncle’s cattle ranch. Before long, he had saved enough money to buy his own little plot of land. His plan was to try his hand at farming for a time and eventually become a rancher in his own right. With his boyish looks and humble aspirations, no one would’ve predicted Rube would become one of the most hunted outlaws in the country. But tragedy has a…

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