Out Around Town: Thurday Pt 1

Thursday:  We left the house about 10am.  I know right? Slow start but time means nothing in retirement world.  While paused at a stop light, we noticed a large sign across the road that said ” Pancake House”.  Neither of us had eaten and Pickleball was at noon, so why not pop in for a late breakfast?


We pulled across the street but while exiting the truck, I glanced up at the sign on the side of the building and was confronted by this…


I don’t mind telling you that it gave me pause. I was practically made of question right then… wait!  What type of business is this?  Is this a diner or a strip club?  Do they serve pancakes at strip clubs?  Would I  actually want to put the food into my mouth in a strip club?  ( I’m already making a face)  If it’s a diner,  do the waitresses have clothes on? ( refer back to eating the food and face making ) OMG! What if the food is cooked by a hairy naked guy!  Clay’s laughing hysterically and practically dragging me to the door!

Upon entering ( to our relief ) we found it to be not only a diner but curiously, all the waitresses were about my moms age and thankfully, fully dressed!  We sat up at the counter where I could keep a keen eye on the cooks just for good measure though.

We both ordered the pancake special and when it arrived, we couldn’t believe our eyes! The pancakes were as big as the tires on my car!  I invisioned playing pickleball with a few toilet hugging intermissions.



If there’s one thing I can say about the restaurants here at the Lake Of The Ozarks, it’s that you will not leave hungry….well, 2 things, you’d better join a gym because wearing sweat pants and a hoodie swimming sucks.

To be continued….


  1. Seeing that sign I would have reservations as well. It is quite out-dated. But not knowing who the staff and owners are it was worth checking out. My gosh what a breakfast.

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  2. I absolutely love pancakes! And those look amazing! I think maybe its because they are made from scratch and not mass produced. In fact, I will go out of my way to find little diners because the food is so much better. Perhaps because they add some love to all their dishes! Awesome post! I’m hungry. 😋

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    • They were unbelievable! I think we’ll share a plate next time though…we had left overs for days! They make a cinnamon roll as big as my head and a breakfast quesadilla that’ll feed 4 people! I’ll be taking all our quests out for breakfast there! 😍

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  3. Jeepers … speaking as a European who thinks that what you call normal here is huge I can only prostrate myself with weighty respect that you even managed to eat that thing! It does look damn tasty though!!!

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    • It was delightful! Indeed most restaurants already over portion but around this particular area, they’ve taken it to a whole new level! We did get a helpful education though. The next time we visit this restaurant, instead of bring the majority of it home in a takeout box, we’ll order 1 dish with 2 plates and share! Lol

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