Out Around Town

A year and a half ago, my husband Clay decided to take early retirement at age 50 after 30 years in his field.  We sold the horses, finished remodeling the old farmhouse, sold it and moved to The Lake Of The Ozarks.

Everything came together at a crappy time of year….we closed on our new house just before Thanksgiving and movers wouldn’t deliver our furniture until early December.  If you know me at all, you wouldn’t be surprised.  Who else moves to a lake in winter?


The boat docks and ice on the water

This is a huge vacation area so after the “season” (tourist season) half the businesses close until next summer.  It’s natural that winter slows activity down a bit but contributing to that was that we had moved to an area where neither of us knew a soul!

We visited the YMCA and they gave us 6 free visits.  Terrific! We were happy to have a place to go. We’d walk the upper track and watch the people below, play a game called Pickleball.  It’s kind of like indoor tennis that’s played with paddles and a whiffle ball. Clay soon joined in the fun and was really enjoying it.


Two things happened.  First we joined the YMCA. Nothing kills motivation a like a gym membership.  Am I right?  The second, Clay tore his bicep tendon while trying to move a heavy piece of furniture and had to have surgery. That put us 3 months out.

Between the culture shock of moving to an unfamiliar area, his injury and cold weather, we’d become housebound and suffering a bit of cabin fever.  As he healed and warmer weather settled in, we realized that little had changed and moping about the house had become a habit that must be broken.  We needed to get out and explore our new life…get out around town!

You may note with curiosity,  that in the next few posts in my ” Out Around Town” series, that our week begins on Thursday.  This is strickly attributed to retirement.  To be honest, I’m finding it quite novel that I even know that it was thursday!  Since my husbands retirement, neither of us ever know what day it is!  Heck, every day is Saturday in our world!



  1. I often forget what day of the week it is. I retired last June (a year ago) and hubs is retiring in December. I can’t wait! I want to be able to travel with him, go to the gym, run and just relax. Sounds wonderful!


    • It is, Laurie, but its also an adjustment and also at times challenging. Spending your whole adult life with the purpose of going to work, building a career etc then suddenly not having that was disconcerting for Clay. He didnt know what to do with himself. Work life…days, times schedules were the markers of time, hours and days itself. These suddenly gone and time means nothing…eccept now pickleball marks the days and hours. Tues, thurs, Sun at noon. Lol
      Clay being misplaced then began encroaching on my life domains. When he started coming into the kitchen and ” instructing me on cooking” and “decorating” the house, I finally had to tell him ” boy, you better go get yourself a hobby!” Hahaha
      It’s getting better and we’re learning to move in tandom but there really is a learning curve on this foreign landscape of retirement. 😊

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      • Oh me either, girl! This man hasnt so much as made his own plate in 12 years and suddenly….you should’ve seen the look on my face…the whole time! I had to text our children… that I would not be responsible for what happened to dad if he didn’t get up out of my kitchen! Lol

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