Love in The Rough

All The Shoes I Wear

When we’re young, we have a fantasy of what love is, how it should go and remain unchanged forever…..the fairway all the way! The fairway is a smooth groomed surface, bereft of obstacles and unobstructed view of life’s markers. Many don’t count on landing in the rough.
 “God Bless the Broken Road”, that’s our song. We played it at our wedding 11 yrs ago. We’d both been married before, suffered our share of brokenness but in and with each other, found love and we found it in the rough.                                                                This is where we rally, for and with our kids in all their situations. It’s where my husband takes my hand and walks with me through grief and at times…

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  1. A lovely elegy to what love really means …. how glad I am that you found your true love – even life in the rough is possible when you walk hand in hand with ‘the one’ 😊

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