Moment in Time


  1. What a lovely story – your husband is such a romantic! And the picture is so full of stories and life. I am intrigued that it is in the Czech Republic because it could for all the world be my home town in France …..


      • It is and I miss it but hey, I get to live here in New England for a while and to travel to great places all over this continent so I consider myself pretty fortunate!


      • Well we intended to fly down to Mississippi for our anniversary but it proved too complicated so w have shelved the plans til later in the year when we plan to fly to Atlanta and then do a big fat road trip. For whatever reason I am very drawn to get under the skin of your area. So watch out for a gangly French-English woman with a broad grin of delight at being somewhere she has wished for over ages

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      • I’ll be so excited to read about your journey’s and if you pass my way, we’ll have a great time!
        Mississippi, whew! An insane heat there! Went to a Choctaw Pow Wow there.
        My favorite journey so far ( in the US) is westward.
        I traveled from Oklahoma, through to New Mexico. Watching the terrain change so dramatically, eating green chili stew and indian fry bread. Carlsbad caverns, a Santa Fe sunset.
        Lincoln NM, where billy the kid fought in the Lincoln county wars….perfectly preserved just as it was then withbtraces of Billy, everywhere.
        Onward to Arizona and the Grand Canyon! No picture can capture it. It’s a must see in person. Go white water rafting in the bottom of the canyon with the crazy Indians there. Then go stand at the 4 corners or travel on to California. Pismo beach was a dream but Los Angeles was a nightmare. Yuk then circle over to Colorado in winter. Love Durango, Silverton, Telluride. Its beyond beautiful.

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      • Oh you have NO idea how I am drooling at the notion of doing that same journey …. my husband, like yours, loves the childlike joy when I get something I crave … watch this space. And yes, if I pass your way (and I rather would love to) we can have the best of times. I really hope so.

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