On Burning the Flag.

I second that emotion!
If you haven’t read her blog, blaze a trail! She’s fantastic and hilarious I might add!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Yesterday while I was driving home after shopping, I was sat in traffic at a four way intersection. A big Suburban came hurtling around from the right with lights and sirens and a local fire department logo on its side. Next a white pick up came through the red light with lights and sirens. Both headed down the road I’d just driven up.

I knew the fire engines wouldn’t be far behind and sure enough, as I started forward, they appeared about two blocks ahead of me. I finished crossing the intersection and pulled in so they could pass when they got to me, there was a queue of traffic on their side so they’d need to pass on mine.

There was a big Ford 150 behind me which couldn’t fail to see the fire engines right over the roof of my mini but what do you know – God…

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  1. Thanks for reposting this excellent blog which I would have missed otherwise. I have commented directly and am delighted to have been guided to this excellent blogger 🙂


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