Poison – Manic Monday Challenge

The 1st contribution to this weeks Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt! Always clever and on her game! Pop over to check out her blog, share the love and don’t forget to enter this weeks challenge! Happy reading!

like mercury colliding...


you know i want to
poison your dreams
the same as you
but i hold back
i can heal
i have a choice
i choose love
always will
always will
always will


Another Manic Monday 3-Way Prompt Black Out Poem inspired by the prompt word: POISON, the photo above and the song Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars (Lyrics with blacked out (lined out) text below).

Poison & Wine

You onlyknowwhatI want to
I know everything you don’t want meto
Oh your mouth ispoison, your mouth is wine
You thinkyour dreamsarethe same as mine
Oh I don’t loveyou but Ialwayswill
Oh I don’t love you but I always will
Oh I don’t love you but I always will
I always will

I wish you’dholdme when I turn myback
The lessI give the…

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