Appreciation Sunday


As I’m sitting here, I have 215 email notifications of posts by bloggers I follow.  I actually cleared my email of over 300 of them this morning already.  I become overwhelmed BUT I don’t turn off the email notifications because I’m afraid that I’ll miss your post!  Am I crazy?  DON’T answer that.

One of your posts today was quite disheartened by the lack of interaction with those who follow the blog.  I’ve actually read many posts to this same effect and see bloggers question if they should just give up.

SO, today, I’d like to say thank you.  Thank you.  I’ve been on FB for 8 years when I started this blog in Feb.  I’m almost never on it now and the reason is you.  I have a stronger sense of community here.  It isn’t just likes and comments, no, it is what you write as well.

I am amused, uplifted, anchored, I relate with as well as exposed to new ideas….I laugh and cry with you, get the creepies and the giggles but always, always….I am inspired.

You have made me more….I am more open, willing to explore and willing to share, more creative, deeper and lighter.

I am often overwhelmed with notifications so I click and read yet am often lazy, tired or just lost in them all and forget to hit “like” or have grown weary in commenting until I begin to leave a single word at which point I just stop as it doesn’t feel like I’m doing them justice.  But, I am here. I am reading and hearing your voice. I am moved, impacted AND I appreciate you more than you know.

Don’t be disheartened nor discouraged. Continue….you are touching others even when you don’t see it.


  1. That’s exactly it, just keep plodding on. The likes and comments eventually come to people. If I see a blog which only goes three likes , I make a point of reading it more just to try encourage that person.
    I understand about the notifications, I actually turned mine to silent as my phone was buzzing all day long. I decided once a week I would try visit everyone and have a little read, so at least I’m not missing anyone’s important news. It’s not easy, but I have it incorporated into my little routine now.

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    • I’m definately trying to make it a piority to let you all know that I am even if you don’t hear from me, I’ve forgotten to hit “like” or commented, and that I do hear you and appreciate you and your blog. And, more, that it and you enriches my life. 💕


  2. I too have lots of emails from bloggers and I don’t want to miss out either. Sometimes I want to read so many posts that the time to comment evaporates unless what is posted is something that hits me in my heart or is something of beauty or I feel in a cheeky mood.

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    • Exactly! The massive amount and time constraints make it difficult to touch base with all of them but I’m here, reading, moved and inspired….I appreciate them and value my community more than I could possibly let them know. 😊

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    • I’ve been blessed with finding the most wonderful people. I can’t say I’ve experienced any negativity but rather such overwhelming support and earnest friendship. I’m new, wild and all over the place but while I’m learning and pulling it all together…all have simply taken the ride with me and accept my brand of quirky. 😊


  3. Feedback is also important for keep going .It tells whether we are going on right direction or not.Getting a comment can be a appreciation or feedback , but encourages the writer to do better.
    All the best 🙂

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    • I agree. It’s very encouraging and while I may feel overwhelmed, I’m making it more of a priority to touch base and encourage others in the same way that I’ve been so blessed with a great community here. 😊

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  4. Well put! I commented on that post as well. We all get discouraged. I know I have thought of quitting several times and every single time God sends a little message that what I write about is indeed reaching people.

    I agree that the notifications can and do get overwhelming at times. I try to keep up as much as possible too.

    Thank you!

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