Someday At Last!

Well, here we are, making the transition from wistful “somedays” to “someday” arrived.  For a hot minute we were a mess.  We bought a house on the lake but, we had our huge F350 truck, geared for farm hauling and pulling the 42 ft RV, not the narrow winding roads through these hills.

While looking at properties here, we ended up in places that only a miracle got us out of.  (We seriously came to a dead end on a single lane gravel road and had to back down a mountain! Darn near took a come-a-long to un-wedge the truck seat from my fanny!)  The RV, has been parked in storage, collecting dust.  The remnants of our ranch life had no place in this new one and we needed a new plan.


Our backyard

With a lakefront home with X amount of shoreline and it’s own boat dock, you expect to place at least one boat in it but soon realized that no small boat would do.  All the multi- million dollar mansions have yachts or huge speed boats that tear up the lake every weekend making it impossible for a small craft but big boats aren’t cheap….not remotely.



Sometimes the crazy plan turns out to be the smart one.  We offered up both our truck and RV in trade and got the deal done. Bonus perks…1. It’s a cruiser so it has a cabin with kitchen, two sleeping quarters, a bathroom with shower, AC and heat.  It offers additional guest quarters when the house is full and tax break as a second home.


2. The truck, gas guzzling 12 MPG, 8 MPG when towing RV, over $100 to fill up, $800 a month payment….being replaced with New Mitsubishi, 43 MPG, $10 fill up, $200 payment. New total payments with boat and car, a third of what they were for truck and RV!

Naming our Boat….Someday At Last!



  1. You’re like me Laura – the ‘bean counter’ who has to make ends meet.
    Those big ‘tanks’ of cars are not seen here in little old NZ. Two main reasons; narrow, winding roads and fuel prices that are literally highway robbery. We are currently paying $2.40 per LITRE. A litre is .264 of a gallon. It costs me about $120 to fill my 60L tank. I get 10kms to the Litre. Our wages don’t reflect the cost of living. A road trip (to see our amazing scenery) is a luxury to most.


  2. God is Good! Life is good. 🙂

    The Mitzi sounds great – but why does it only have a 3 gallon tank?? 😉
    (Ya could’ve gone electric maybe?… but i suppose charging stations are rare in your parts?)


    • Lol It probably has a 10 gal tank so maybe 20 – 25 to fill now days. I had one before that we gave to our daughter. I like the safety features of all around airbags, even one at the drivers knees. It also has a terrific warrenty, 5 yr 60,000 mile bumper to bumper, 10 yr 100,000 mile powertrain.
      Yes, I’ve only rarely seen charging stations at all.

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      • Sounds great!. Over here the uptake of e-vehicles is not so great but we are developing a good support/charging system for when they come more popular… which considering i am looking at paying $6.00 a ‘gallon’ for unleaded gas this week should be very soon! 🙂


      • So our government tied our National petrol price into the international oil price to ‘prevent’ hikes in the price should we ever run out of our own oil and need to rely on overseas supplies back in the 70’s Then they jacked up the price with a $1.60 a gall levy. Then in 2000 they added a 10% GST on top of the total price to help ‘make the tax system fairer for everyone’.

        Ain’t we so lucky to have a good government looking out for the little people?

        They’ve basically stuffed up our electricity and home gas prices also… which is why we have the largest uptake of solar PV panels per household in the known world! 😉

        ‘lectric cars – not so much… Go Figure??


      • I seldomly understand the logic of politicians. Burdening those who are doing well enough not to need assistance in order to help those who do has never made sense to me. In my eyes, they’re only diminishing their ability to care for themselves and adding them to the group that’ll need assisting. Why not promote ways that will help them thrive on their own? Education, occupational training, job creation? I imagine the ” little people” are so grateful when they have to pay that at the pump? Lol. Power doesn’t always come with common sense.

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      • True that! 😉

        Power almost always comes with a lot of greed though – and self-interest. And a desire to maintain or improve the higher ‘Status Quo’as evidenced by the ever widening wealth gap between those who have and those who don’t. You’d think we’d have learned something as a society about how to raise everyone up to a more even level by now? Surely some people are smart enough to figure out how to do that? if they really wanted to.

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      • To a large degree, we as individuals must also bear our sharevof the blame. We , here at least, have somehow lost our connection to community and to a larger degree, have become dependent upon the government to parent us….make everything better, take over and relieve us of personal responsibility. This is not as its ever been in the past eras. In the past, there was community. When someone was sick, the community, brought food, mowed pastures, yards….were there to help. When someone fell on hard times, their neighbors rallied for support…etc. Needs of your community was a personal responsibility….roll up your sleeves and help a friend in need. People aren’t like that anymore. They want something done about it, but by somebody else. I also find a curious observation, that usually those who make the most noise about it, are also the least willing to do anything personally. The person wailing about the homeless is in the process of buying his 3rd beach house. The ones protesting for open borders, lives in a gated house with security. Etc. Funny how things could change if we returned socially to how we used to be….taking the personal responsibility to love our nieghbors as ourselves.

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      • All good points! 🙂
        Personally ( 😉 ) I believe one of the main factors is simply the number of human beings inhabiting the planet and the corresponding increasing sizes of ‘communities’, society’s and country populations requiring increasingly complex governance and specialisations and the resulting loss of connection to each other – the more people who group together the less each one can connect and relate to other individuals – the less like ‘us’ they become. 😦

        Most people where i live don’t even know who their immediate neighbours are, let alone love them for who they are. Partly due to a perceived need to distance themselves and their family from the many different ‘types’ who are ‘out there’ in a place that they increasingly feel does not belong to them anymore.

        Sadly, short of a massively destructive war, disease or act of Nature’s rebellion i don’t see we could ever ‘go back’ and i seriously doubt our collective intelligence to going forward to a better way of behaving as we seemed to have not all that long ago? ( Or am i simply seeing the past through Rose-tinted glasses??)


      • It’s true. I owned a very large home in a very diverse neighborhood in the city, every color and country represented. There were always people walking with their dogs, strollers, young children, around the neighborhood. We lived a peaceful and friendly existence, always smiling and waving to one another yet….after 5 years, I didn’t know anyones name. We also attended a very large church, 6 years, every sunday, every weds. After all that time, was still greeted by people who thought we were visitors and were shocked when I told them.
        In contrast, we bought a ranch in a small rural town. Our first morning there, there was a knock at the door. The cattle ranchers wife across the street had made a large pot of soup so I woukdnt have to cook whike unpacking and a card with both of their phone #’s. The lady next door brought over a huge box of chocolates….Every nieghbor came bearing gifts, contact info in case we needed anything and welcomed us. The church around the corner….greeted by everyone. Found community there, we knew who needed prayer, rides, help…we mowed others yards when ill, someone had surgery etc, we ladies took turns cooking and delivering meals. Etc. Appears smaller, rural areas have managed to hold on to that.

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      • That is how it is meant to be!
        Decent size = decent community (providing environmental pressures are not extreme – or political ones!)

        Australia is 95% urbanised with almost all of us living in cities of 2 million or more – that puts way too much pressure on people. There may be one or two towns like that in each state, or pockets of people who try to behave the same way within a city, but mostly people go into a protective shell when faced with overwhelming numbers.

        I’m a strong believer in decreasing, not increasing our total population – maybe send 90% of em into space? To a new planet? should not be that hard so many people don’t seem to be on this one already. 😉

        Have you heard about our strawberry problem? Google it if you have a few.


      • Someone’s idea of ‘fun’ !!?
        Started off with one punnet from each of 3 different suppliers, but sold by the same nationwide grocery chain, just in one state. Within a week there were over a 100 cases in every state across the nation including 10 in my home state.
        So far no kind of ransom or demand has been met or explanation discovered but it is now known to be a ‘copycat’ situation with some idiots putting needles or even nails?? in a couple of apples and bananas.
        One 12 year old girl has been arrested but not charged when she pranked her schoolfriends by ‘finding’ a needle in her school lunchbox. A schoolmate reported it to a teacher and the police investigated then she admitted what she’d done.

        In one state alone, because of sellers fears of being stuck with uneaten stock through a media a scare, 20 thousand kilos of berries were just dumped and left to rot by growers!

        What are we turning into?

        I’m betting social media played a fair part in the copycat mess. 😦


    • It turned out so well that I felt guilty like I’d pulled off a heist! Lol
      Actually it was an answered prayer. Paying an insane amount for an RV that was just stored somewhere and a truck that just wasn’t working for this area was madness and stressful. Feeling blessed. 💕

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    • 1. I cannot believe it worked out so brilliantly! I’m the thrifty type myself. I say thrifty, frugal, laid back. The hubs says I’m tight. PotAto, potato. And, being the bookkeeper for the horse ranch, the tax benefit and savings, made my eye’s sparkle. Lol
      The hubs used to complain and his male friends looked at him like he was crazy. I thought so too but he’s come around. He actually said that he has the best wife ever, today. He wanted to buy me a BMW. I Bought the new Mitsubishi. Lol.
      All turned out good. 😊

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