DIY: The Art & The Deal

I’m weird, I know, but sometimes I find deals that I can’t pass up but have no idea what to do with them.  For instance, I found a set of 3 ceramic pumpkins at a yard sale for $1.  They were obviously old, scuffed and in general, plain ugly.

I have a nice collection of pumpkins that I bring out during fall but Halloween comes right between. Couldn’t I incorporate these pumpkins into Halloween or possibly just glam them up?

I admit that I’m a fan of Flat Black paint and E6000 glue.  I had a few cheap, thrift store candle holders of various heights so I glued them to the 2 smaller pumpkins with E6000 and painted the whole lot, flat black.

From my boxes of junk, I retrieved a carton of fake jewels and tacky glue.  The foiled back of fake jewels will be destroyed by super glue or E6000 so plain elmers or tacky glue is the best option.  I’m imagining your cocked brows and quizzical looks but yes, I did bejewel the pumpkins. I still have the larger one to complete.



Speaking of Flat Black, and bargains…I found an old microwave cart, scuffed up but solid wood and missing a rolling caster, at a yard sale for $5. What to do? The holidays were coming up so surely I could make some sort of gift of it.  It had a nice pullout counter area and a wine rack area so I thought it’d make a smashing mini bar for entertaining.


Let me say that Clay and I had an ongoing arguement. He’d say: I wish you’d get all your crafting crap out of my garage. Me: I know nothing about a garage but I do wish you’d get you junk out of my workroom.

Due to some water damage, I did do some light sanding but don’t let the idea of that put you off wood projects.  In most cases, sanding isn’t necessary.  Purchase a good deglosser, apply it, wait, wash off. It’s that simple. A good deglosser will break up the finish so it’ll recieve paint without having to sand.

I already had various paints, rollers, brushes etc so my purchases consisted of 4 new casters that I found at a farm sale, a rope light, 2 wine glass racks and 5 mosaic tiles. Altogether, I spent roughly $35.

First, I painted both side panels and both front cabinet doors in a high gloss black.  While this dried, I searched through my bins of odds & ends for a vinyl wall decal. ( also yard sale junk purchase)  I applied the wall decal to the high gloss sides and doors then painted over the entire surface with a flat black paint.  I allowed the paint to set without fully drying before gently lifting the decal with a craft knife and removing.  Black on Black, simple elegance.


I drilled a few holes in the back to install lighing in the upper cubby and cabinet areas then installed wine glass racks in the cubby.  The slideout counter was painted with chalkboard paint and the top tiled with a mosaic of black, glass and stainless tiles.


After installing new caster wheels, I slapped a bow on it and gave it to our sons who shared a “Bachelor Pad” in the city.

A couple of $1 yard sale chairs were transformed with a can of flat black spray paint and $3 worth of fabric.  This chair was metal but lucky you, they make spray paint specifically formulated for metal.  I removed the seat, cleaned well and dried thoroughly and painted black.  The seat was nasty so I stripped the old fabric and reupholstered for a girls french themed bedroom.


The second chair underwent the same process.

Speaking of deals….sometimes a great buy doesn’t require any work at all.  In some cases, it just needs a good cleaning.  Again, yard sales are your friend.


While visiting a yard sale, I found a dirt crusted queen sized bed that had been stored for years in an old barn.  The deal was done when the owner quoted me $15! I could easily refinish or repurpose it then resell it.  However, once I got it home and cleaned up, I was delightfully surprised and kept it for the quest room.  ( After initial cleaning )



Be Brave. Try new things. DIY!



  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS POST. I could look at up-cycled projects all day. I haven’t been to your site in awhile because my new computer is driving me nuts trying to work with it’s different programs and I am not a computer person but things are not like they used to be with this computer and word press. My kids will figure it out, that’s their department. Anyway I have a lot of catching up to do. I missed a bunch of your posts. Love the chairs and the bed and I also took over my husband office to store some of my craft supplies in. Unfortunately we do not have a garage. If we did, mine would be filled with things to redo too.


    • Omgoodness! I go through that every time I get a new phone! Have to call the 4 yr old grandbaby to explain how to work it! Lol
      I’d honestly use any corner I could find, be it garage, barn, back porch or even the florida room. Lol
      Now that we’ve moved, the rumble over the garage is sure to continue! Haha


      • Im with you, if you saw my Pinterest you would probably either really be impressed or wonder what the heck is the matter with this guy. (don’t be and lets not go there 😛) I do often seek deals a bit, especially when I am doing shows. No better place to find set pieces and props! Especially hard to find period pieces!

        Liked by 1 person

      • *Gasp* Set pieces! What a brilliant idea!
        I miss it. Once we set the plan in motion to remodel the farm house and put it up for sell, my repurposing hobby had to stop and my focus shifted to repurposing the house. Haha Now that we’re past the sell, major move and getting settled, I’ll be able to get back into it next spring. You can see my 1970 ranch house remodel here. It was retched!


        Liked by 1 person

      • Ok so help me figure out timeline. The Big Ranch House w/ 2 master suites was before the 70s bungalow? And the ranch house was in Arkansas? You moved from that to the fixer upper in Oklahoma? And now you are in Missouri and traveling with your 5th wheeler? I prob got it all wrong. :-/


      • Hahaha I get around huh?
        Ok, texas girl moves to arkansas. Attempts to open boutique, ends up with tattoo studio. Childhood sweetheart & 20 year spouse runs off with 23 yr old 3 time rehad reject…divorce. Year later, meet cuurent husband, date a year, sold studio and move to his location in oklahoma. Buy huge new build home, 3500sqft, 2 masters, library, theater room, game room, 5 br, 2 masters. Kids graduate, move on. Buy a horse, thrown from horse, 21 days in ICU ( blog post ” the horse came back alone) find out horse is a race horse and top predicted horse for upcoming season. Sell big house, buy 1970 ranch ( oklahoma) now race and breed race horses. The hubs ( federal officer) qualifies for early retirement at age 50, remodel house, sell horses, buy rv, sell ranch. Brought rv to missouri, lake of the ozarks. Staying at rv park while viewing properties for new home and traveling to dog shows. ( 3 months) Hear gun shots at rv park. Former resident came back, killed the managers in their bed above the office, attempted to kill camp host and wife. ( see blog murder at riverview rv park) found house on the lake. Tada!

        Liked by 1 person

      • You should write a book. 💕 nothing I could say can accurately describe my (3rd) reading of that. Seriously though, WRITE THE BOOK! And I’ll buy (I use that loosely) the rights and turn it into a screenplay (and would have to play someone in it 😉😂). Thank you for sharing the timeline. I think I got it. 😬😍


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