Funny things

I came across a memory on FB that cracked me up. 4 years ago today our family gathered in St Louis to be there for our grandson’s surgery at Shriners.

It was an extremely difficult surgery on Ezra.

We of course had our dogs with us. When your dog is as big as a full grown man, you can get into some situations.


Aengus AKA The Gus AKA My Gus AKA thinks his name is Handsome, sitting in my lap at only 9 months

The Post:Β 

Here’s a fun fact about our trip. The latch is duct taped to the wall in the hotel room as nosey Aengus, either trying to look out the window or the peephole on the door, managed to lock us out of our room! #ordeal!


Thankfully the hotel clerk had a tool to deal with this very issue. Β Go figure that we aren’t the only ones who’ve needed this assistance!



    • Indeed! Plus, he was only about 9 mo there! He’s an oversized child! Even now. Every morning he stands there with his blanky, waiting as I make my coffee. I sit on the couch and he lays over my lap and I have to ” hold” him while he sucks his blanky and nose whistles. Big baby!

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  1. That is awesome! My girls know how to open some of the doors in the house. One such door is the Β½ bath on the main floor. And every now and then, if there is company, if you don’t lock the door, it could become a very awkward situation fast! πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

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    • πŸ˜‚ Before selling our ranch, we replaced all the doirs down the hall with sliding barn doors….that soon proved to be a mistake. The picture of Gus sitting on my lap….that became my every bathroom experience.
      We then bought a female. She can open any door. We moved to the lake and bought a house with a double shower in the master…..never have showered alone since! Lol

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      • That is absolutely perfect. My downfall was replacing the common doorknob with the flat handle ones (?) I honestly did that so it’s so much easier to come in with stuff in your hands or because there have been a number of times where they just wouldn’t turn right. After a bit, my golden had scratched away at the door so much it just wasn’t worth it so then they went on all the doors. I would imagine the double shower was a β€œmust have”. I can tell you that it’s up there on my renovation list :-).


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