Tiny living

While going through my drafts, I found this. In an effort to clear my notes, I thought I’d share it with you and also answer some questions some of you have concerning our dogs. Enjoy!

Tiny living adventures
Although we have a huge 42ft, 5 slide, 5th wheel RV, it is  still an adjustment especially while traveling with both dogs and one that’s larger than I am. We first took Gus, our 180 lb great dane, with us while shopping for both truck and RV to ensure that both easily accommodated him.


We set the rv up at home and spent time with him inside then took a maiden trip to Arkansas. The theory was to give him time to become comfortable in the RV as just “home”. He did amazing but we hadn’t taken little Bella, our mini schnauzer, who in fact hates going anywhere in the car.  It’s stressful for her but the whining and shaking subsides within about an hour.


The next time we left for Colorado with both dogs.  Bella shook for about 30mins…..guessing it was past the time it would’ve taken to arrive at the vets or groomers. Lol
We had to learn to move in tandem, work together and finding our comfort zones. I cooked breakfast, Clay washed dishes and I dried. We took the dogs on a third walk and took out the garbage. It’s falling into an easy, home like feeling that all are enjoying.  I was concerned for the dogs initially but finding that they enjoy being with us, going with us, have embraced the RV as home and having the biggest backyard…..the world.

Our next big trip was to California to pick up another dog, a female puppy named Eden who would be joining our little family.  Our guys were as anxious as we were to meet her.  Luckily for us, she fit right in with our little crew, in fact, she fell immediately in love with Gus and hasn’t left his side since.

While there, we toured Yosemite Falls.  The views were spectacular and the dogs enjoyed exploring the grand wilderness.

***** Gus is a superstar everywhere he goes. People love taking pics with him, loving on him and some even video call friends and family to see him too. He’s such a HAM!
Beautiful views here and loving the great outdoors.  Below: a picture of travelers from Germany waiting to take a photo with Gus.


The trick to tiny living, whether in an RV or hotel room with large or multiple dogs, is spending a lot of time outdoors.  Fresh air and wide open spaces with plenty of exercise is important.  You have to wear them out! Lol Next stop, Pismo Beach.  I can safely say that this is one of my favorite places.

Traveling with animals in tiny living situations can be challenging at first but all seemed to naturally adjust the way we moved in confined spaces and the lowering of energy while inside.

Outside Energy 


Inside Energy


Altogether,  experiencing life and adventures with your fur babies is rewarding and bonding.  You’d be surprised at how many hotels, parks and restaurants are pet friendly.  We even have a place here on the lake called Dog Days where your dogs can swim in one of the pools or enjoy refreshments from the pet menu while you dine and enjoy cocktails!

Remember, before taking off on an adventure with your pets, make sure they are fully vaccinated including for canine flu and kennel cough.  When traveling from state to state, carry your own water dish and buy jugs of distilled water. Water quality from area to area can differ and make your dog sick.  Nothing ruins a vacation like a road trip with a vomiting pet or one with diarrhea!  Also, dog parks sound like a great idea but…remember that others may not care for their pets like you do. Anything other dogs are infected with, even in incubation periods, infect the park through their potty and drinking from communal water. We nearly lost Eden after the only time we’d ever visited one.  Protect your pet!


  1. Lovely friends you have got! I always wonder though, how to drive such a big “car” – I would never dare to. But how great to travel with the dogs – we never do. It requires a big car …and we often fly.


    • I think I’ve spent or wasted so much time in life to trying to plot a course, plan for a future, hammering out the “right now”. All the while hoping and dreaming of ” someday”. The thing is, I was the one making up all the excuses as to why I “couldn’t ” , right now. Result = I didn’t.
      Life would’ve remained just that way too. It wasn’t until I embrace….. wow, look at me writing an entire post in your comments. Lol well, that me all over…blah blah blah chronic oversharer

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