Blogs & Bloggers Thursday


Welcome back to Blog & Bloggers Thursday!
Each Thurs., I share some of the posts that I’ve enjoyed during the past week, blogs I love or simply fantastic Bloggers.  This is more than a simple link up.  I’ll give you links while giving it and them the honor of what or why I loved it and why you will too.
It’s a weekly hat tip to my community, a word of appreciation, recognition AND a way for me to both introduce you to each other and promote your blogs. 
There are so many of you that I just can’t say enough about and I truly love but I can’t get to everyone all at once. Please be patient.  I Don’t want your feelings  hurt or to think I’ve over looked you.  I love you all!  Read, enjoy, follow and be looking for my pingback as you’ll be listed soon.
How you can help…  If you’ve written a post that you’d love to share, one you’re really happy with, or just to introduce yourself to everyone, leave a link in the comments where everyone can enjoy it.
Without further adieu…

Life Lived Full
I See Ghosts
Is it that Joanne is a kindred spirit, that she’s simply a fantastic storyteller or my love of things forgotten, that makes me love this post so much? Any or all of these, I suppose, but this is a post to lose yourself in, nonetheless, and I happily share it with you.

Crap Pile
Hate The Hate
Has the world gone mad? If we buy the narrative that the media and certain officials are pushing, then yes, but I believe in large it’s propaganda at best and at most, it’s manipulation of the worst kind.
In this post, John, speaks the words that most of us are thinking…stop the madness!

One Womans Quest
Now Here’s a story much too good to keep to myself!  This week, V.J. went over the top with this fantastic tale! This beautifully written piece is rich in imagery, heart and soul, a must read!

Big Size Family Life
In big size Family Life, I was at once filled with the nostalgic warmth of family life as a child, the brilliant contrast of my own rambunctious, crazy kids yet finding I love and cherish both in equal measure.  And, that joy is found in the heart and soul of  family itself.

Hans Howe
Those who have no tears have no heart
I had actually read this long before starting Blogs & Bloggers and running across it again today, recognized it immediately.  It’s a story that must be shared and will linger with you.  It’s a tale that could easily become a holiday tradition shared through the years to come.  I dare you not to fall in love with this tale…and not to shed a tear.


  1. Hi Laura. I’m gonna take you up on that offer to leave a link in the Comments. I don’t celebrate Halloween, but the 31st of October falls in line with the end and beginning of the Celtic Gaelic new year.

    For miss this is an opportunity to review the previous 12 months, and set some goals for the year ahead. Best wishes. Richard.

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