Sexting With Mom


My mom is in her 70’s now and not at all Techy so when it comes to social media and texting, you never know exactly what you’re gonna get.

There are few people in life that you are just so close with that you can almost communicate with without saying a word. My best friend through school, sherry, and I are like that. We can merely gance at each other, bust out laughing, knowing exactly what the other is thinking.  My mom and I are a lot like that only it doesn’t always translate in writing.

I can be a tool I guess.  I can admit that.  I have a snarky, weird sense of humor and a bit of a poo poo head so when my mom sends a random text, I can’t resist tooling with her, thinking she’ll get my funny.  That must not always translate either…

My mom texting
This is a random statement out of nowhere from my mom.
Mom  “look at my babies”                                       (Um…)
I say  “Are you drunk and trying to show your boobs again?”
(This is hilarious because it’s random back at ya and mom would never be drunk etc)
Mom  “Did you get the pic?”                                   (Uh, nope, nothing?)
Me  “No sexting mom!”                                            (Surely she gets that I’m playing with her now, right?)
Mom  “My kitten… I’ll post it on FB.”                     (She’s making this too easy)
Me  “You’ll get banned. They don’t allow those kinds of pics on FB. Keep your “kitten” to yourself!”
(It was seriously like throwing an air ball…nothing but wind.)
Mom  “I put it on FB. I think you’re drunk.”


  1. Haha my mom is 60ish but she dont text it english and google translate sometimes tosses odd translations at me lol. My mother in law almost 60 hubz can be like you with his texts to her and she is clueless lol keeps. Her convo going as if he hasnt said anything off meanwhile he is here lauging..she is much better now but 10 years ago the cell was not her friend.


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