Dear 15 Year Old Me, Tag

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I’d like to thank everydaymagicwithjubilee for for tagging me for this!  I’m so honored that you thought of me! Thank you so much 💕


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Often times we may wish that we could go back in time and give our former selves advice and words of wisdom. If you could go back in time, what would advice or encouragement would you give to yourself?

Dear 15 year old me,

1. Don’t be hard on yourself because …
While the transition from child to young adult is always difficult, and it is for everyone, this time is merely a training ground that’s teaching and equipping you for the next stage in life.  Embrace the lessons of your victories, failures and carry the wisdom of both with you into adulthood.  Try not to be so hard on your folks either. You are learning that they don’t have all the answers.  They are just like you…doing the best that they can.

2. The relationship you’re in ….
Breaking up was the smartest move you’d made. In fact, I’m still pretty impressed.  I’m proud of you for recognizing 1. After going “steady” for over a year that you were too young to for this much commitment and where it could lead…too adult too soon.  2. That as much as you cared for him, he wasn’t of the same moral character nor heading in a direction you saw for yourself. Bravo!

3. You will get through this because …
You’ve already survived such a treacherous childhood that you’ve grown to be strong and you’re a fighter.  In comparison,  this is all small stuff.

4. Don’t get caught up in thinking …
That you don’t need to rush to find someone to love you in this world. Stop! What you really need is to learn is how to love yourself.  Do that and it’ll save you much disappointment and heartache later in life.  It’ll also teach you how to love and be kind to others…. give it the way you wish to recieve.

5. These experiences will help you learn …     How to love others through learning to love yourself, be strong enough to weather the storms of life and embrace the curves because it’s the darkness that amplifies the light, the bitter intensifies the sweet, sadness that magnifies our joys.

My Nominees….




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  1. You are amazingly sweet! 😘 This is my informal thanks before my formal so… Thank you for recognizing me. I’m quite unsure how this works so I will follow your lead (and directions 😬) I am humbled. And I’m pretty sure you are my first!! 🥰 😛 ps I hadn’t heard from you in a bit. Hoping all is well! 😳


    • Awww…you got this! Just copy the pic and put at the top. Copy & paste the rules….answer the bold prompts to your younger self the nominate at least 5 others.
      Thank you so much for noticing. I have been at once under the weather with sinus infection that dropped into the chest for a nice case of bronchitis exactly at the time when back to back company was arriving! The company has all gine home now but haven’t quite shaken the sick just yet. Yuk. 😥


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