Blogs & Bloggers Thursday


Welcome back to Blog & Bloggers Thursday!
Each Thurs., I share some of the posts that I’ve enjoyed during the past week, blogs I love or simply fantastic Bloggers.  This is more than a simple link up.  I’ll give you links while giving it and them the honor of what or why I loved it and why you will too.
It’s a weekly hat tip to my community, a word of appreciation, recognition AND a way for me to both introduce you to each other and promote your blogs. 
There are so many of you that I just can’t say enough about and I truly love but I can’t get to everyone all at once. Please be patient.  I Don’t want your feelings  hurt or to think I’ve over looked you.  I love you all!  Read, enjoy, follow and be looking for my pingback as you’ll be listed soon.
How you can help…  If you’ve written a post that you’d love to share, one you’re really happy with, or just to introduce yourself to everyone, leave a link in the comments where everyone can enjoy it.
Without further adieu…

Richard @ Photosociology
Last week, Richard stopped by to say hello and introduce himself to you all.  please stop by his blog and welcome him into our community.

Uncustomary Housewife
Thankfulness Journal: 30 days of Thankfulness
In this post,  Elizabeth discusses living with depression, holding onto hope and begins to chronicle the things oft times forgotten…the many things we have to be thankful for. I’ll be following along as she makes her way through this journey of gratitude and reconnecting with the joys of life.

Words And Music
Fragments Of Innocents
A poem of few lines yet speaks volumes.
This is a new follow for me. When someone unfamiliar stops by, reads, likes a post….I reciprocate in visiting theirs.  I’ve included this post as it really struck a cord in me but in earnest, I chose it from the many. I could’ve read Mikes blog all day.

The Fall Of Autumn
In this post, I took a long walk with Perpetua today.  As we took in the season, she revered the glory of seasons past.  Along our walk, she snapped pictures of all we saw along the way, the garden where 2 homeless men live with a dog, the last duck on the lake, to a lone leaf clinging to a tree.  She suffers from a mood disorder yet her photos help her take stock of  “mental wealth instead of getting sucked into the dark side of this illness as a reminder to myself and to others that life is full of hope, that we are better with others, that we are survivors, that we are filled with courage as we continue to live in spite of it.”

Those Awkward Stages
I can’t tell you enough about how I love this post (truly all his posts) It’s about looking back on those young awkward stages of life and having grown, not beyond them but into someone who has learned to appreciate them as the most authentic parts of who we have become.

joanne Sisco @ My Life Lived Full
Bomb Girls
In this post, Joanne enlightens us to the  unsung hero’s of WWII, the women who filled the munitions factories supplying our troops…”The women behind the men behind the guns.”  I don’t want to give too much away so read Joanne’s post yourself and celebrate these ladies with me!  While you are there, give this lady a follow.  She’s simply wonderful! You’ll be so glad you did!

Happy Blogging Ya’ll💕


  1. I love this Blog! 😁 But not when it doesn’t show up in my reader or anywhere else.😳 I was wondering if you were ok, so I look and see that you have been posting and I just haven’t been seeing them! 🥴 Anyway, glad I am back on track! 😬💕


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