Christmas For Thanksgiving?

It was only about 3 weeks ago that my mom came to visit.  We took her out on the boat to tour the lake. The water was too cool for swimming but the just emerging fall colors hinted at the beauty to come.


A week later and mountains exploded in riotous color!


With Thanksgiving approaching, I unpacked decorative pumpkins and adorned the deck with baskets of  vibrant mums.  The breeze shook leaves from trees, piling them up on the porch.  We swept them up and cleaned out gutters, knowing we’d only have to do it again in the weeks to come. With summers visitors gone for the season, I decided to go ahead put away the patio furniture and boy am I glad I did!


Where has Autumn gone? It’s still Autumn right with Thanksgiving still a week and a half away?  We woke up this morning to a shocking suprise! Autumn departed leaving our world a  briskly shaken snow globe!


I had been wearing shorts all week so I had to dig through the bottom drawers to find sweaters, leggings and stocking caps.  We could not get out in it fast enough!


Fat, fluffy flakes, whorling overhead, disappear against my upturned face.  I watched the trees become flocked and the branches of evergreens bow beneath huge globs of snow. The deer were out, standing among the trees,  running across fields,  leaping over icy streets.


Yesterday was a fall parade of reds, oranges,  golds and greens.  Today was my every childhood Christmas dream.









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  2. Wow, that is so beautiful. We’ve still got sun, and temperatures into the low teens (Celcius). Last year we had a snow flurry at the end of November, but that is unusual, we don’t normally get snow until January and then only for a few days, which is why no one can cope with it. 🙂


      • WOW! Freaky weather. I’ve got family coming to stay with us for Christmas this year. They live in Australia so they’ve never seen snow. I said that we don’t get snow round here much, but it would be nice to get a dusting so they can see it while they’re here. 🙂


  3. The pictures look like something out of a Christmas card – stunning. I’m in Miami, so we probably get about a couple days of cold whether in December and by ‘cold’ I mean the mid 60s. I know what you’re thinking lol! But that’s near freezing for us! We’re practically walking around in shorts and sandals year round. 😂 Would love to experience snow during Christmas though – that’s been a childhood dream of mine too, but that snow has my body saying, no!
    My brother and his family invited us to Minnesota for Christmas. We’ll see though, cause this Miami girl may very well nearly freeze up there! 😊

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