What’s With Guys & Cars?

I have to give it to my husband for trying repetitively to put me in a really nice car and that’s no easy task. I’m crazy thrifty concerning certain things to the extent of being downright tight and by that I mean so tight my butt squeeks when I walk!  Cars….that’s one of those things.

First and foremost, I’ve driven trucks for the most part.  If you’ve ever wanted to buy a piece of furniture but had no way to get it home or wanted to moved, you’d understand why.  There’s a certain freedom that’s enjoyed with owning a truck plus I believe every southern woman should own one….you never know when a girlfriend might need help hiding a body!

I asked Siri once where I could hide a body. ( These shinanagans will probably get me in trouble or at least questioned, one day) Siri gave me 3 lakes located nearby. I shit you not!

Anyway, he’s bought me a Mitsubishi Eclipse and it was cute.  I hated handing him my pickup but it was still there for me so I was ok with that but not him, nope, that wasn’t fancy enough!  He then traded that for a Saturn Sky. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!! He had it custom done just for me, silver with black and red leather seats and a drop top, problem….it was a standard!


It’s not that I can’t drive a stick, I just don’t want to.  Seriously, how do you smack a kid in the back seat when you’re using both feet and hands to drive the darn car?!?!  ALSO, after driving a big pickup, something that low to the ground and all that hands and feet crap just to drive it…all I could think of was dying in a fiery crash.  As much as I resisted, he still thinks he knows best and that I’ll change. (Lord love em, what a Dope!)

So, 2 years later it was traded in, in pristine condition with just under 3,000 miles!!!!  Lol. He bought me a Dodge pickup.  (By then, I had discovered that the Saturn Sky did come in an automatic, he was just being a DUDE.)


He then found an old workhorse of a truck for himself and we didn’t need 2 of them so he got me the economy car I wanted, a Honda civic.  It was a perfect world for a moment… (clay hated it every moment. It wasnt nice enough) He had a company car so I had the big F-350 for Farm needs and a 39 mpg scoot around until we got The Gus.


Gus is the big male great dane…so see the dilemma.   Also, my shirt, totally me.  It says: Perfect…ish.

Gus soon out grew my Civic and we quickly became a clown car, in fact I’m sure we caused a few wrecks by the rubber neckers.  So Clay jumped on that right quick.  Next, a GMC Terrain.  Great an SUV!  Within a year, that wasn’t nice enough so he bought me a brand new Ford F-350 with all the bells and whistles.


Happy Happy Happy but then he was giving up his work vehicle due to retiring soon so he was off  and at it again.  This time, frugal momma picks a used 2 year old Mitsubishi mirage with under 20,000 miles and 8 years of warranty left on it and only $7000 but what does he see?  On the lot was a silver Saturn Sky!  His ears stood straight up! He then begins to razz me.

Mockingly he says …You could have that but “Oh no, I’m in my 50’s and don’t want to learn anything anymore.”
“Ya” I said, ” You do realize that an automatic is a technological advancement from the original standard right? For pete’s sake Clay, I don’t want to go beat our clothes at the river with a stick either! Thanks, I’ll take the Mirage. hahaha



  1. When the kids grew up, the husband got me a sports car. Red. Thank goodness it was an automatic! It sits in my driveway. I wax it twice a year. And there it sits. I put more miles on my tractor mower!


  2. I had to laugh at this. I am not really particular about a vehicle, and my husband feels the need for a new car every two years or so, so that usually means mine goes too. I am grateful, but left to my own devices it would practicality first.

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  3. ‘How do you smack a kid in the backseat’ Lol I have that problem with my van! So, I just say, ‘when we get homeeeee.’ And then we get home and I forget all about it. Lucky kids!
    And Gussssss, how cute is he! And are you holding another?! ☺️🐶

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    • Maybe its a guy thing, the feeling of control and actual driving. As for me, whike confident in my driving, everyone else on the road…not so much. Lol I don’t want to have to think about it or downshift in an emergency situation. I like slamming the brake without stalling and hitting the gas to avoid sudden situations and just don’t feel as safe in a standard. Or, maybe its that my plate is always so full that I just dont want to have to put my thought and energy into it…..go – stop. Hahaha


  4. It’s probably because your smoking hot. I can relate to your husband though, I do the same with my wife. She’s damn fine as well. I figure I’ll just keep on though, even though my wife is a bit of a tight ass as well. Gotta keep her happy or else she might figure out that she could do better than me!!!!

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  5. Awww…this last car, I settled for another Mitsubishi but I wanted a mini! My driveway is a friggen hill and I couldn’t see over the bed of it to back it up the drive! My truck payment $800 monthly, insurance outrageous, $120 to fill up and 12 mpg at best so about $ 500 a month in gas. Mitsubishi payment $195, insurance $22, $15 to fill up, 40mpg can carry up the hill if I need to. Lol
    I totally have too much going on to deal with so much activity involved with driving a stick although it might help keep me from waking up while flying down the hwy though. Lol

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  6. I never drove an automatic until I moved to the US. I’m resigned to the fact that my next jalopy will be an ‘automagic’ because it’s downright impossible to find stick shift. I have a Mini Cooper S and a Lincoln oldladymobile. It is the most boring car I’ve ever driven. The only thing I like about it is the heated seats. I would LOVE a Dodge Ram but im indoors says I’m too small. I think he’s lost the will to live. I’m debating between a Yukon and an Acadia at the moment. I want the Yukon but I don’t want to pay for the gas! We’ll see what I end up with. I do love my mini though. I love driving stick


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