Blogs & Bloggers Thursday


Welcome back to Blog & Bloggers Thursday!
Each Thurs., I share some of the posts that I’ve enjoyed during the past week, blogs I love or simply fantastic Bloggers.  This is more than a simple link up.  I’ll give you links while giving it and them the honor of what or why I loved it and why you will too.
It’s a weekly hat tip to my community, a word of appreciation, recognition AND a way for me to both introduce you to each other and promote your blogs. 
There are so many of you that I just can’t say enough about and I truly love but I can’t get to everyone all at once. Please be patient.  I Don’t want your feelings  hurt or to think I’ve over looked you.  I love you all!  Read, enjoy, follow and be looking for my pingback as you’ll be listed soon.
How you can help…  If you’ve written a post that you’d love to share, one you’re really happy with, or just to introduce yourself to everyone, leave a link in the comments where everyone can enjoy it.
Without further adieu…


I fell in love with this post that reminds us of our childhood, adulting is hard and wouldn’t you like to return to the simple innocence and joy?  I know I would. 💕

Poetry And Prose
Our Whiskey Times
loved this poem this week. a great read, feeling, language that tells a story.

Mitch Teemley
The Right Person
This was such a fantastic post!  Mitch discusses how we spend much of our lives looking for the right person yet brilliantly asserts something that few ever think about…being the right person.

Feeding on Folly
Dinner for Eight
what a perfect Thanksgiving post! Christi shares the memory of a Thanksgiving spent at the home of an elderly professor with other non-family members.  An assortment of characters who otherwise may have spent it alone.  While considering hosting the same kind of Thanksgiving, discovers her town hosts a community affair that began for the lower income and elderly but grew into an event where everyone from all walks gather to celebrate the day. The event has become so popular that they have to turn volunteers away! Luckily, Christi and her husband got signed up early and will be on dish duty. What a wonderful memory, professor and community!  Bonus: She gives us the professor’s recipe for Bandy Cranberry Sauce

My Favorite Boy
Angel shared this post in the comments. She’s such a fantastic writer that I couldn’t wait to read it. I just love her, I truly do, simply her, as she is and so blessed to call her my friend. But, as I read, I fell in love with this boy, catching myself smile, chuckle, but then I was reminded that Angel knows the grief of losing a child….I cried a river then. Angel, shares with us, healing, hope and her heart….so large that it flows rivers of love to all around her. I couldn’t wait to share it and her, with you so I added it right away. Thank you Angel for sharing this and yourself with all of us. 💕


  1. I thought to myself earlier, “I bet Laura is busy with Thanksgiving prep. I hope she takes pictures!”

    Ok, so I know everyone is busy now, but I just wrote this, and I love it so much. It brought me so much peace to express and shocked me when I read back over because I think it helps me understand why I am so attached to, and protective of my young friend Asa.


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