Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt: Frozen


Welcome to Manic Mondays 3 way prompt  12/03/18.  A word, A picture, ho A song. I post 3 prompts each monday.  Pick 1, a combination or all 3!  
Write a post using any or all prompts. It can be prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction or drawing, painting….the only limitation is your own imagination! Go wild! 
Once you are done, create a pingback to this post THEN come back here and  leave a link to your post in the comments so everyone can enjoy see your entry.
And be sure to read the posts of other bloggers who respond to this prompt. You will be amazed at their brilliant creativity!
Happy Blogging!
Without further adieu, our word prompt is:  frozen

Song: Frozen- Madonna 

While your contemplating your creative muse, why not stop by and check out last week’s fantastic entries in MM3W: Waiting?

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Minding My P’s with Q
Phlowers – Silken Petals

Tales from the mind of Kristian
Patience Lost

Like mercury colliding

Culture Shocks
Waiting to be a lioness


    • Funny nightquil story…..I’ve been snoozing quite a bit during this sinus/ upper respiratory infection and trying to blog between naps. I don’t even know what my scrambled head was thinking. I guess I was thinking about adding the links to last weeks while typing the title so it actually said ” Waiting “again instead of Frozen. Proscenium alerted me so I went back and changed it but I guess the link is still waiting? Lol Plus, I was SO late posting it to begin with!
      Note to self: Dont blog on nightquil


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