Let’s have a coffee & catch up!

Miss me? I have barely been here for about a week.  You may recall that I had gone back to the doctor for a second round of antibiotics just before leaving for a trip to attend the gender reveal party for our  grandchild #6.


Reveal #1.

Our son, Cody & Ciara came to visit, arriving near midnight.  We stood out on the front deck hugging each other in greeting and talking about the trip…just normal chit chat until the name Bailey on Ciara’s shirt caught Clay’s eye. ” What’s your shirt say?” he asks.  She just stood for him to read it but, I’m a fast reader and burst out in screaming hysterics, running and jumping about with tears streaming down my face! For This Day, We Have Prayed. Baby Bailey Is On The Way!

The trip was stressful enough with not feeling well, but we were using a dog and house sitting service and by now you know that our dogs are our babies. (Spoiled Brats)  I was trusting a complete stranger with my babies as well as my home!  On top of that, I felt just drained through most of it but simultaneously,  overjoyed.


Clay and I have 5 kids between us.  I, being 5 years older than Clay, have an older son and daughter.  Clay has 2 younger sons and a daughter.  I’ll clarify this once so you won’t get confused when I say things like “my sons mother”, but you’ll likely not hear it again.  I don’t have step kids or half brothers and sisters.  I don’t believe in divisive terms when it comes to people I love….I have brothers, a sister and five kids and soon, six grandchildren. We are simply a family.


Clay with our 5 kids

In fact, we two moms, have an unusual relationship.  Have we bickered?  Sure! We at times had differing views on how to handle a kid situation and though we may have different parenting styles, we both know of the other that we are trying to do or give our best and love these kids.  There was a time when she was in transition and I offered her to move in.  She’d come visit me when I had my accident.  I cooked for her when she came home after surgery and when her mother passed (whom I loved)   When I had to be out of town, she stood for me at my grandsons dedication and prayed by his incubator right beside me when he was born so frightfully early.  We are family too.

We were attending the gender reveal party for the child of our 4th, our son Cody.  Although he’s just 24, he had just purchased a second home and we were seeing it for the first time.  His mom and our youngest daughter, threw the party and did such a fantastic job! Everything was just darling!


Everyone was instructed to wear green (For boy) or red (For girl).  Each of us signed a christmas ornament with our names on the color of ornament of the gender we guessed.  This tree with ornaments signed by friends and loved ones will be set up in babies room each year.  As for me…I was the ringer. I found the perfect shirt that had both red and green.  I waited to be the last vote. Because the mom is carrying like I did with my son, low, I joined the boy team but because green is unflattering for me, I signed a red ornament.  😊


There were 2 cakes, one for the human guests and a cake for their 2 dogs.  The dogs cake would reveal the color and gender of the baby.  If a little girl, her name will be Cantyn and if a boy, Creeden. We all gathered outside as our daughter, Kelsey carried the doggie cake and placed it on the ground. The Baker was so fantastic that she called a vet to make sure all the ingredients would be safe for the dogs!  All eyes were riveted as they attacked the sweet treat,  revealing the green cake beneath! It’s a BOY! With only 1 grandson and 4 granddaughters, another boy will be a welcomed site….especially for our grandson, Ezra. Lol



Our younger 3 kids with father to be, in the center.





    That is a plaque my sister in law had made for me this year.

    Hubz and I are in our early 40s with a blended family of 3 young 20 ish year olds and a preteen..we can not wait for grandbabies. Congrats.

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  2. Congratulations, Laura!! Welcoming a new family member is always very exciting. If I am ever blessed with a grandchild, I’m sure I will be ecstatic!

    You have such a wonderful and inclusive definition of family. The world would be a much kinder place if more people embraced your thinking 💕

    Merry Christmas and very best wishes to you and yours!

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