Sh*ts & Giggles

Potty training….you never know what you’re going to get.

A couple years ago, my daughter and family came to stay with us while her husband went to school to become a Wind Tech.  During this time, my young granddaughter, Adalie (AKA Nana AKA should’ve been No No) was beginning potty training.
Altogether we marveled at how easy it was to get her to “peep” in her own little potty but the “other” was something else.  She had a tell, a hint if you will, for when she needed to do the “other”.  If you caught her hiding behind a bookcase, the Christmas tree, behind a curtain…..she was doing the “Other”!  Her mom tried everything, scolding, praise, rewards etc. then one day while having her sit on her potty, handed her a towel. Tada! Finally!
One day, while walking past the bathroom, I hear,  “heeeelp, me! Heeelp!   Taking a few backward steps, I peered into the bathroom to find Nana sitting on her potty struggling with a bath towel.  I helped her adjust the towel and she sitting there looking like Yoda, took care of business.  It became the only way she’d go.  Girl likes her privacy. Lol


Bonus Giggles:  Adalie got a light up, musical Elsa from Frozen, dress for her birthday.  Big mistake if you don’t want to hear The Frozen Song from sun up to sun set EVERY DAY!  Though she wasn’t much of a talker just yet, in fact I couldn’t get her to call me Mimi, for anything. She would however call me Dad.

At the crack of dawn, she’d emerge from her room, toddling toward me with out reached arms, ” Hi Dad!” then take my hand and lead me to where the dress was hanging in the closet.  And so our day began.

One morning, I recorded our morning ritual. The performance and melodrama where sensational!  I laughed to tears each time Elsa sang “Here I Stand” and Adalie stomped her foot.



  1. Haha how life is crazy sometimes! I’m literally having this conversation with my uncles wife right now – I was a nanny over the summer for a three year old boy and he was the same. Took FOREVER for him to do a poop on the toilet. But once he got it, he got it! Of course he waited until I had finished working so I couldn’t celebrate with him but his mom sent me a text when he did and when I go babysit for him he always likes to tell me about it lol

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