Solidarity Blogger Award


Thank you so much Kristian for thinking of me for this new and funky Award! You’re the best but right now I’m wondering WHERE ARE YOU? Hoping all is well and you’ll be back soon!  If you guys are familiar with Tales From The Mind Of Kristian, pop over and say hi!  He’s absolutely someone you need in your blog community!

Solidarity Blogger Award Nomination

SIWO (Success Inspirers’ World) is an International Friends Blogging Forum. The idea is to encourage team work and to blog together as a community. As an international friends blogging forum, Success Inspirer’s World provides an opportunity that every blogger is looking for – the opportunity to get more exposure and find more followers and readers.

The Rules:

1. Write a post on your blog thanking the person who nominated you.
2. Paste the award in the post.
3. Provide a link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
4. Tell Success Inspirers’ World, SIWO what you think about solidarity blogging. Is it worthwhile?
5. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and inform them.

First of all, the logo needs work. It isn’t very attractive and I think it should reflect solidarity in some way,  don’t you?  So…I made my own. 


As per the award itself, I think each blog is and should be individual however, we may form unity and solidarity within our community by way of support for one another and helping in promoting each other and our blogs.

What  “A Guy Called Bloke” had to say and probably said it best:
What is solidarity in layman’s terms? Harmony? Unity? A common agreement perhaps? A shared interest between parties? A supporting role with regards others who share the same interests then? Solidarity means different things to different peoples. But what does solidarity mean to me more to the point?
For me personally, it’s a case of standing side by side those to whom l support and believe in what they are doing, and offering help whenever and where ever l can. With regards the connection to blogs, blogging and bloggers then it it is showing a united front in what we do, what we believe in and the message we are trying to convey to others. Be this in writing, reading or creativity or what l prefer to simply call … expression. I believe in what we do here in WordPress, we support each other as a community, we encourage, motivate and inspire others to encourage and motivate and inspire and as such we promote a solid front of unity otherwise known as … we display solidarity for the principles in which we believe in and hold close to our hearts.
There is a much simpler word all said and done – Family.
Perhaps someone else might hold a difference of opinion to mine, but l think however they choose to answer, they will come back to the same core principles – community, support and community.

Also, 10 nominees is also a bit much. I think having fewer nominees not only adds value to the award itself, makes it more coveted but allows nominees to actually feel valued as well so I stick with 5.  You guys know that I’m a rebel like that. 😊

My Nominees:

It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes

Our Little Red House

Crushed Caramel

The Eclectic Contrarian

No Love For Fatties

Happy Blogging, my friends!


  1. Thank you Laura! Very kind of you.
    Love the image you created!
    I am trying to prepare a post on your 3WMM for this week. I write a flash fiction piece, but it was pants! So I am now using it to write about something from real life. Hoping to finish it off before next Monday.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination! It kind of ties in to a lot of other posts and ideas I have for this week. Although I was also a little confused to what it was for but I like your explanation above! I’ll try to write something once I have time to give it a good pondering over 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh, thank you. What an honor it is to be included. I am just happy to get a visit now and then. I love how the blogging community helps each other out with encouragement and just being there when we all need to share that creative energy we were all blessed with. I will try to post this award later. Still working on cleaning up Christmas and New Years, plus I haven’t posted anything in awhile. This blogging community is just too much fun. Hope you are having a great start to our New Year.


    • Blah! I was going to start dismantling christmas today when I got hung up with AT&T concerning a constant billing error and spent….I kid you not, 3 hrs on the phone, most of it on hold! Grrrr……
      Anyhoo….so love you are a part of my community and so blessed to have found you in the world.💕


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