Food For Thought


Honey, is this cottage cheese still good or has it gone bad?

Who the heck can tell? It doesn’t exactly look well even when it is or isn’t….just look at it! Lol Food for thought….why does milk even have an expiation date?Ā  Shouldn’t it have a morph date instead? It just becomes a different ingredient.

Let’s start with whole milk. You have 2 ingredients, milk and cream. Skim the cream and place in a jar with a wooden clothes pin and shake…2 new ingredients, butter and the liquid you pour off is buttermilk.

When the sweet milk has gone thick and sour, warm on the stove to 185, add vinegar, drain and crumble curds, add salt then stir in a bit of milk or cream..ta da, new ingredient, cottage cheese!

And let’s not forget taking whole milk, add a spoon of yogurt and maintaining a certain temp creates more yogurt! Drain yogurt through cheese cloth, mild cheese like cream cheese! Endless!


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