Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt: Evanescent


Welcome Back to Manic Mondays 3 way prompt  1/21/19.  A word, A picture, A song. I post 3 prompts each monday.  Pick 1, a combination or all 3!  
Write a post using any or all prompts.9 It can be prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction or drawing, painting….the only limitation is your own imagination! Go wild! 
Once you are done, create a pingback to this post THEN come back here and  leave a link to your post in the comments so everyone can enjoy see your entry.
And be sure to read the posts of other bloggers who respond to this prompt. You will be amazed at their brilliant creativity!
Happy Blogging!

Without further adieu,  our word: Imperfect- Evanescent 

Our Song: Dust In The Wind – Kansas

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  1. Hi. Modern Persian carpet .. And your eyes are two bloody birds .. They fly between the wall and the wall. My heart travels like a dove over the water of your hands, It takes a nap under the shade of the bracelet. and I love you.. But afraid to get involved in you, I fear autism in you, I am afraid of you, Experiences taught me to avoid the love of women, And sea waves .. I do not discuss your love .. it is my day I am not discussing the sun of day I do not discuss your love .. He decides on which day he will come, and on what day he will go. It sets the time for dialogue and the form of dialogue. *** Let me make you tea, You are fairy-wise this morning, And your voice is a beautiful inscription on a Marrakesh dress And your playing as a child under the mirrors .. The water is sipped from the lip of the mazahir Give me tea, do you say I love you? Did you say I’m glad you came .. And that your presence is as happy as attending the poem Such as the presence of boats, distant memories .. *** Let me translate some of the seats and welcome you. Let me tell you what is going on with the cups, She thinks of your lips .. And spoons, and drunk .. Let me add a new character .. On alphabetic characters .. Let me contradict myself a bit And the whole in love between civilization and barbarism .. *** – Do you like tea? – Do you want some milk? – And do you – as you always – with a piece of sugar? – But I prefer your face without sugar .. ……………………………. …………. ……………………………. …………. ……………………………. …………. I repeat for the thousandth time that I love you .. How do you want me to explain what is not explained? How do you want me to measure my sadness? And my sadness as a child .. Every day grows more beautiful and bigger .. Let me say in all languages ​​that you know and do not know .. I love you.. Let me look at the vocabulary .. Be the size of my nostalgia .. And the words .. Covering your area .. Water, grass, and jasmine Let me think about you .. I miss you .. I cry, and I laugh at you .. The distance between fiction and certainty was eliminated. *** Let me call you, every letter of appeal .. O Lord, if Thggrt in your name, from the lips of Tolden Let me establish a loving country .. You are the one you belong to .. I became the greatest lover .. Let me lead a coup .. Strengthen the power of your eyes among peoples, Let me change love with the face of civilization. You are civilization .. You are the heritage that is formed in the ground Since thousands of years .. *** I love you.. How do you want me to demonstrate that your presence in the universe, Such as the presence of water, Like the presence of trees And you are a flower of the sun. And the palm grove .. The song sailed from T .. Let me tell you in silence .. When the words narrow what I suffer .. When it becomes a conspiracy plot involved. The poem becomes a stone vessel. *** Invite me .. I tell you between myself and myself .. Between the eyelids of my eyes, and my eyes .. Invite me .. I tell you the code, if you do not trust the moonlight .. Let me tell you by lightning, Or rain spray .. Let me introduce your eyes to the sea. If you accept my invitation to travel .. why do I Love You? The ship is in the sea, you do not remember how it was surrounded by water. You can not remember how the rotor came to see it. why do I Love You? The bullet in the flesh does not wonder where it came from. No apologies. *** Why love you .. Do not ask me .. I do not have the option .. you do not have the option .. ***


    • Those who join in the prompt are all brilliantly creative and so well written that I don’t think I’ve been doing you all justice. Soooo…. I thought I’d begin to provide a little more challenging prompts, words not so frequently found.
      Crossing my fingers it’ll spark the creative. 😊

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      • All of your words are challenges. And I am not just saying this to be “nice”. Sometimes the easier words prove to be more challenging by making you choose just one song that clearly captures how you interpret that isn’t just basically obvious. Makes you think outside the box and personally sparks more creativity. I first saw the word and went straight to anything by Evanescence, but that’s an easy way out (no offense to anyone who uses her, it’s a great choice😉). I also think that, because I try to fit all 3 prompt categories into my post, the easier words allow me to be more creative. 💕

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    • Call me Laura. 🤗 Do join in. You have all week to add your entry! When I post the following weeks prompts, I always include the prior weeks entries to lead my readers to your blog to help promote them. Hope you’ll join in!


      • This being the week after Valentine’s Day, it got me to thinking about love. When most of us think about a love for the ages, we think about Romeo and Juliet or Helen of Troy and Paris. Both tales envision star-crossed lovers, whose love ends in their own deaths or the deaths of hundreds of others. These couples’ stories, famous in literature, may or may not have been founded on real people. We look at them and think, now there is a love for the ages. But is it? Their love burned brightly, was short-lived and had tragic consequences. 

        There is another kind of love, though. After the heat of passion has cooled a bit, this love is based on commitment and understanding. Can we find that kind of love among people we know personally or people we see in the media today? Indeed, it is hard to find in this selfish self-centered world.

        When I think of that kind of love, a real love for the ages, I think of our friends, Peg and Dave. We first met them about thirty five years ago when they moved from California to our small town in Oregon to start a franchise business. We walked into their shop one day and ended up becoming life-long friends. Peg worked with Dave at the shop and I had the privilege of taking care of their son, Davey. Many Friday nights we would get together, have dinner and laugh until our sides hurt. 

        The economy made a down-turn and they were unable to keep their shop. It was a great economic loss for them, but they continued to stay together as Dave looked for another job. They had to leave their friends and move to a bigger city where Dave found a job with a well-known corporation. When we traveled there, we were able to visit them and see how they were doing. About twenty years ago, Dave told us he had a numb feeling in his legs and that when he ran, he couldn’t feel the lower half of his body. These symptoms forced him to go to a doctor, go through a multitude of tests, and find out his diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis.

        Dave continued to work at his desk job until he was past retirement age, and when he was ready, he quit. Dave’s symptoms became worse and worse until eventually Peg could not take care of him any longer. They then moved him into a care facility. That was several years ago. Occasionally, I would call Peg and ask her how Dave was doing. She always told me Dave was well, and that she would make the thirty mile round trip to visit him daily. She said Dave never complained, that he was kind to his attendants and always said “Thank you” when they helped him. 

        Dave passed last year after a short bout with pneumonia. Peg called me on Valentines Day to check in. She said that in a few days they would have celebrated their 59th Wedding Anniversary. Even though Dave is gone, she is going to bake a small cake and celebrate their Anniversary. He may have moved to a different location, but he will always be front and center in her heart.

        After I got off the phone with her, I reflected on their love. A love that was filled with courage, compassion and commitment. I am in awe of that kind of love and I would call that truly “A Love For The Ages.”

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      • I hope you wrote this as a post of your own because if you didn’t, your readers are really missing out! This is fantastic!!!
        You can easily link your post to a Manic Monday by highlighting and copying the Manic Monday address that’s at the top of each post or website. Example: , then in your post, hight a related word, click the link button and copy the address in it.
        This is much too good not to share on your blog!

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