Lovers On Thin Ice


Standing at my patio door, I note the waters stillness, how the bitter cold has frozen the lake in our cove. At our neighbors shallow beach, the ice is a thick white pane but over here, the deep water is as clear and fragile as glass.


I wouldn’t think of testing it.  The imagined fear of a threatening crackle beneath my feet is enough to keep me perched on the cozy side of my window…yet a daring couple, glides easily upon it’s surface…. lovers perhaps or mother and child, content to spend the morning on the lake outside my door.


A hour later, they go their separate ways, the elder, years mature with majestic white head flies off into the blue.  The younger flies up into the branches of tree at the corner of my patio, just outside my window, a rare spectacal of beauty and grace.  Bald Eagles.


In awe of Gods canvas.



    • It was truly amazing. I’ve never lived somewhere so rich in wildlife, before. A groundhog lives by my seawall. They are unbelievably cute. It sits on the seawall, overlooking the lake as it eats. Chipmonks are everywhere! Surprisingly, these are not herbivores! I dropped a piece of raw chicken on the porch and before I could get back to pick it up, little chipmonks were trying to drag it off! A little red fox often visits my deck, coming right up to the glass doors and deer are EVERYWHERE. Times during the year, you have to be extra careful to stop your walk or drive to allow babies to catch up with their moms as the cross the streets. Its wonderful


      • Awe our summer home was so populated even thought we were in the country and the woods you rarely saw wild life. Your commin birds ate out of our feeders and a colony of racoons (babies use to get stuck in the dumpster so the owner built a ramp for thrn to get out safely) coons were so smart they could break into sheds and trailers no problem , once they ate an entire bag of chili heat doritos we had left on the deck!

        At home in the summer we have chippies and squirels whcih i made a nut feeder for them, then birds who use our bird feeder. Hubz is a early morning gu who has his coffee on the deck watching the wild life before work and on weekends. He noticed what he thouhht was a pair of cardinals all thr time ones colouring much duller he said to me I think they are a couple, i laughed but ita true we googled it and they are monogamous!
        We have a hot tub and if I go in after dinner i will see a flock off yellow finch like birds come to eat..same time


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      • That’s so funny about the raccoons. It reminded me of a family camping trip we went on some years ago. We stored all the food inside ice chests at night but it seems raccoons are smart enough to get them open. It seemed they had a real sweet tooth as they’d eaten the 4 big bags of marshmallows we’d brought for making s’mores. Apparently, marshmallows down sit well on raccoon tummies as we awoke to a campsite near covered in marshmallow vomit!


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