Keto: Let Them Eat (Pan) Cakes?

Keto? No problem!
Another pound down today, yay! I’m truly enjoying trying new recipes that help us feel as though we aren’t being denied all the things we love, furthermore, it helps us stay on point. It simple psychology that we crave the most, the things we are restricted from. I say psychology but really it’s plain old fashioned sin nature…. I want what I want and nothing and nobody will forbid me, also known as rebellion. Nonetheless, we never want a cigarette, cocktail, fat slice of cake, more than in the very moment we decide to give it up. It’s the downfall of just about every healthy change we undertake.
I’m a texture eater and although I lost 20lbs last time, I didn’t really know how to feed us so it very quickly became monotonous and boring. As a result, I pretty much just stopped eating altogether. I missed crunchy and chewy, sweets a given but that was managed by sweet zero everything drinks and sugar free jello. Every once in a while, I’d treat myself to an Adkins snack.
So far, we’ve been able to enjoy pizza, (cauliflower crust) Lo Mein, (with Pasta Zero) Chicken Fried Rice, (with Rice Cauliflower) Lasagna and chicken noodle soup (With Zucchini noodles). But, sometimes you just want pancakes!
I discovered a recipe that I was anxious to try and did so this morning. Now this recipe uses Almond Flour and to be honest, while delicious, the texture was a bit grainy or mealy? You can use Coconut Flour in this recipe instead and next time I will and will let you know which is better.
This recipe made a dozen pancakes! I topped them with real butter and sugar free syrup.


Keto Pancakes

2 C. Almond or coconut flour
4 Eggs
1/2 C. Water
1/4 C. Oil
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
1 – 2 packets sweetener (optional)

I placed all the ingredients into my blender, blended. Let sit for 3 – 5 minutes, stir if needed then simply pour onto hot griddle or skillet. Ta da!






  1. Hi Laura, how’s it all going, especially with the no/lower alcohol? I’ve managed to cut out weekdays and just a few glasses over the weekend. I have to say that even the taste of that isn’t ‘doing’ it for me anymore. I can’t say I’ve lost anything yet, bar the alcohol reactions. I still haven’t really started any proper exercise, though working more, which is very active.
    With your sugar free syrup, can you have pure honey / maple syrup or date syrup? While still sugars, they are not refined.

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    • Hi! It’s going pretty well! Another few pounds down. I’m the worst at eating breakfast though. I always have been. That and drinking more fluid. I’m simply awful at that too! I would drink a couple cups of coffee in the morning then get with my house chores, farm chores and working horses all day, come in to make dinner, sit down to eat and realize it’s the first thing I’d had to drink since coffee that morning!
      As per alcohol, I’m not a strong drinker anyway so I don’t miss it much though zi have an unopened bottle of chocolate wine in the fridge that may be real nice for a cheat day. šŸ˜Š
      I’m doing keto so syrup, honey etc are definately off my plate but the sugar free isn’t bad at all. It’s most like maple. I’m curious if the Paleo plan permits them though as that allows more carbs but healthy ones?
      I say I’ve lost so many pounds but the truth is, is that the scale isn’t really important. It’s much more about the inches. Because fat weighs less than lean muscle, you can lose a lot of body fat in inches before the scale shows much loss. Aside from pickleball, I’m not working out either but that changes tomorrow. My body is depleting so now I have to firm up.
      Oh! While alcohol in bulk will stall your progress by shifting the livers function from eliminating fat to eliminating alcohol (toxin) a drink now and then won’t hurt a thing but I would keep it to a carb free sort, a martini, vodka mixed with sugar free drink mix ( I like lemonade) etc but stay away from beer unless its low carb like Bud 55 select.
      Keep on keeping on, friend and just trust the process! We’ll get there day by day!


      • I’m going to have to look up this Keto thing. I’ve been trying to cut right back on sugars, and use either maple syrup or date paste in recipes. Mind you, hubby has been busy making pickles, tomato sauce and tomato jam (amazingly less sugar than the sauce – ketchup I think you call it), so that won’t help come the winter months and no fresh tomatoes šŸ™„.
        I like the odd dram of single malt whiskey, when we can afford it. I’m not really into beer unless been doing lots of manual work in the heat.
        I don’t jump on the scales but prefer to tell if I’ve lost any centimetres by the fit of my clothes. I’m motivated as I can’t afford, and refuse to go up another dress size!


  2. I did Paleo for a couple of years, but the baked goods made with almond flour or coconut flour got old after a while. It’s the texture thing. Now I focus on eating healthy ā€¦ mostly!

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