The Unexplained Files #1

With the advent of social media, humankind has began communicating in an unprecedented way.  While in bygone eras, the social norm was to keep things to ourselves,  the skeletons in the closet, and what happened behind closed doors…behind closed doors.
Today, we easily know every minute, mundane, minute by minute detail of everyone’s lives whether we want to or not, yet, in this ultra transparent world of today, there are still things we don’t openly talk about.

Though most of us have had these common experiences, there’s still a certain stigma attached, a fear of sounding or being seen as a liar,  an attention hound or more likely, just plain crazy!  It’s the topic of the unexplainable, supernatural, experiences.



Relating to, or being above or beyond what is natural; unexplainable by natural
law or phenomena; abnormal.

Relating to, or attributed to ghosts, goblins,of  other unearthly beings; eerie; occult.


A being, place, object, occurrence, etc., considered as supernatural or of supernatural origin; that which is supernatural, or outside the natural order.

Behavior supposedly caused by thei ntervention of supernatural beings.

Direct influence or action of a deity on earthly affairs.

For me, my first supernatural experience happen when I was 2 yrs old.  While I remembered the incident quite clearly, I never really discussed it.  In the beginning, I was so young and being so with literally everything in the world being new and all experiences equally so, had no inkling of what was natural or supernatural nor what boundaries would separate the two. Later, I would refrain for fear of the above reasons.

When I did bring it up, it was because I had questions.  I was 16 yrs old and had been living with my father since I was 9.  My mother called and she was the only one who was present at the time thus could answer them.  “Mom, I want to tell you about a memory and see if you can answer some questions I have.”

I Remember:

…being little, really little.  I was in a white room, up near the ceiling.  The door was in front of me to my right, to the left was a window. Across from me was a hospital bed. There was a chair next to the left side of the bed.  I could see myself laying as if sleeping, on the bed and plastic sheet was rented over me.  My mother entered the room, crossing it to sit in the chair.  It’s back was to me as she faced myself in the bed, slipping her had under the plastic to hold my small one in hers.

I remember being so calm, though it was more, I was at perfect peace.  I can’t even really describe it to you. There’s nothing to compare it to on earth, no emotion, experience nor words and I fear that only those who have experienced it could ever truly understand.

Shortly, she rose, walking to the door.  Her face looked strickened.  As she walked to the door,  I seemed to follow her, just above her head, looking down.  Stepping outside the room, she pulled the door closed with one while bringing the other her to her face and began to cry.

Needless to say, she was stunned, flabbergasted and anything but speechless.  She was overwhelmed, remembering that very day, that same moment forever seated into her own memory and began to tell me the story.

My young parents had separated and we were living with my grandmother in Corpus Christi Texas when I became ill.  Failing to awake from a nap, was found unresponsive and burning up with fever, an unprecedented 108°!  This would not be the last time either, throughout childhood, whenever I became sick, my temperature would soar to dangerous levels.

It was discovered that not only had I contracted Rubella (known then as German Measles) but also had double pneumonia and had slipped into a coma.  The plastic sheet over my bed was an oxygen tent.  The incident that I recalled, she also recalled with great clarity and she explained….She had just met with the doctors who told her that my chances for survival were almost non-existant.  If by any miracle I did survive, they believed I would be so brain damaged that I’d be a “vegetable” (this could explain a lot) and asked her if they could call a priest or pastor. She came to sit by my side and remembered breaking down as she left the room to make the calls to family to tell them the sad news.


Rarely have I ever spoken of it except at times to comfort someone grieving a loss, making sure that family members and hospice nurses continued to talk and read to my former mother in law as she slipped in and out of a coma and once where I talked and prayed as I waited for emergency medical techs to arrive for a young man who died at the scene of an accident so he wouldn’t be alone…in case he was still there.

I guess you might say that my spirit had left my body.  After my remarkable recovery, the next few months held a few more experiences one that my mother would here for the first time, the other, we shared.

My mom and I had gone to stay with my great grandmothers in Waco.  The bed where I slept was at the very end of the hall from her kitchen.  One morning, I woke up, leapt from the bed and stated to run down the hall.  Suddenly, I felt that something was different.  I stopped, spun around and could see myself still sleeping on the bed! Immediately, I was back where I belonged.

The next happened shortly afterward.  Back in Corpus Christi, my grandmothers father, great grandpa White, had passed away.  My grandfather had come to get us to bring us back for the funeral.  I remember sitting between them on the bench seat of his car.  The memory is vague to me now yet one my mother would never forget.  Gazing out of the windshield, up at the sky, I became ecstatic, yelling “Look Momma! Look at the pretty angels! Can you hear the pretty music, momma!”

As my great grandfathers service was over except for a few lingering family members, my mother carried me down the aisle to see him one last time.  Leaving the church, I recall how bright and warm the day, held on my mothers hip as we waited to cross the street.  I didn’t want to leave my grandpa there and begged her to take me back to him.  She calmed me the best way she could. “We can’t go back. Grandpa’s not there anymore. The Angels took him to heaven.”

So there you have it.  You may say I’m crazy but I know I’m not the only one.  I met a man once who had died during a surgery and saw and heard everything that happened in the room as well as his family in the waiting area, after which, he said he frequently left his body.  His wife says she can always tell when it happens too.  She describes him as appearing almost as if he had died, his breathing so slight and still.  My former mother in law, toward the end of her battle with cancer would gasp, sitting straight up in her bed, giggling and say  “I just did a flip back into my body!”

And then there was Clay’s mother who had drowned in her youth. Though revived, all the days of her life, she would say ” It was so peaceful. I didn’t want to come back.”  And, I know exactly what she meant.


  1. It is far more common than you may think.

    Some call it Astral Projection, some refer to it as an OOBE (Out Of Body Experience).

    While i have no memory of performing anything similar myself i knew a woman who could make it happen at will and she had moved out of her body from a young age. (She was now in her 30’s) She used to operate an industrial sewing machine at her work and one day her hand slipped and she ran the sewing arm over her hand and it jammed through her finger. She started to panic and freak out but was able to leave her body and felt the serene calm you describe while watching her workmates and boss from a point in the top corner of the room as they struggled to get her free – it took 20 minutes. But she calmly watched it happen, only moving back into her body once her finger had been removed from the machine needle.

    One of the most practiced people in this area, Robert A Monroe (now deceased), has written several books on the subject and has investigated it for decades after his first accidental experience when he was in his 40’s. He believes virtually all of us do it although only a few can remember it. The main time we do it is in our deepest level of sleep (Dreams are in a much lighter level of sleep – the so-called REM sleep – they are not a dream!) We may be able to recall some or all of our dreams but we cannot usually recall anything while we are in the deep Delta Wave sleep. He believes anyone can learn to consciously control the experience and we can do anything we wish to or go anywhere we wish to, including off planet, in this state of being and can then remember it once we resume our ‘place’ back in our physical bodies.

    There is a 10 minute video of Mr Monroe explaining his experiences on a Morning TV show in 1979 here if you wish to see it:

    As for natural/supernatural my view is that natural is all those things either we personally, or others similar to us (which is practically all humans 😉 ) understand – or think we do. Supernatural stuff is perfectly natural stuff we have not as yet learned to understand, for what it really is – something with an explanation we just have not figured out for ourselves… yet. 🙂

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      • Wow! What can i say?

        You’re very welcome Laura! 🙂

        Please use this however you feel is best!

        I should probably add one thing….

        While i think most people are capable of doing it, not everyone is ‘ready’ for it – particularly not ‘full on’.

        People do many things in a different way, some rush into something new, some take things slowly and cautiously also people may have different belief/expectation/understandings. These may give us different results when we seek to know more.

        I guess what i’m trying to say is we should always be careful that whatever we do is the right thing for us and is done for the right reasons. 🙂

        It can be a very powerful transforming event in our normal life so requires serious consideration of all potential affects for our future.

        Blessings 🙂

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  2. Wow, this post gave me goosebumps. I believe you. You are right, there are so many people out there who have had these kinds of unexplained events in their lives and are too afraid to say anything because they know people will just think they are making it up. Great posts, thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you so much, Cheri! I had much trepidation about writing it and testing the waters on these types of stories. I really want to open this door, pose the question or who or how we set the mark for what is normal or natural experiences…. there is much thought, theory, science etc concerning the topic of “supernatural experience” . I’m not pushing a belief or explanation but rather purely describing certain experiences of my own and those of others as described by others…just letting the topic have air and giving others the freedom to speak up. Not long ago, we couldn’t speak of mental health. Thankfully the stigma has been removed. Not so long ago, those who dreamt of aircraft or traveling to other planets would’ve been met the same way…as crazy.


  3. My mother reports looking down on the process while I was being birthed. She said her father (then deceased) joined her and reached out his hand. When she understood what was happening, she jerked her hand away, saying “No! I have five children to look after”, and was back in her body.

    I, too, have many stories, Laura, as do many. We never talk about it because it is so out of the ‘norm’. For me, it adds to the Great Mystery that is life and heightens my faith.

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    • VJ,
      Thank you so much for sharing this! While I can’t explain the mystery of it, I think it challenges us to to look beyond and question the lines and boundaries we’ve placed to determine what “normal or natural” really is. There are just too many experiencing “out of the norm” experience and throughout centuries of time. Like you, it doesn’t frighten or repel me but rather solidifies the fact that existance, nature, universe, God is all so much more than we understand…greater and it heightens my faith as well. 💕

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    • I think I may have put the cart before the horse here. I should’ve preceded it with clarifying that I’m not pushing anything, answers to anything, not even a belief….just simply stating the details of perceived supernatural events. This us what I’ve seen or experienced period. I am even iffy about using the term supernatural, as what is it really? What is “natural” can be defined by culture, beliefs etc all of which can by widely different from place to place. The norm is that we use only 10% of our brains ( some people use less) but what is the experience of those who use slightly more? How can we determine what is natural? It’s like trying to define God in totally, I dont think we can, we simply dont have the answers or know everything so here it is, the unexplained or things I dont have an answer for.
      Anyway, didn’t I just write a post to your comment? Lol Trying out some new post ideas to determine what the responses, how they are recieved, interest levels etc. Thank you for reading. I realize it was bulky.

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