Some Days….

My sweet friend from Pickleball, having noticed our absence of late, texted me to make sure all was well.  Clay had injured his foot and just as it seemed to improve, we’d go play pickleball and he’d end up limping home. Curiously, Clay’s foot is still hurting him and yet, he remains resistant to seeing a doctor. Go figure.

I, myself have been buried under a Mountain of receipts, trying to claw myself out by organizing and totalling them for the CPA, all the while contemplating what exactly I’m paying him for?  My father must’ve sensed my despair as he sent a text to say he loved and missed me.  Taking a break, I Slipped the noose from around my neck, I stepped down from the stool to reply and simply got back to business. #TaxSeason

For entertainment, we’ve been trying to thaw a drain pipe in the basement .  A couple of nights ago, actually 2:40 am, while lying in bed (binge watching Netflix) I hear….pouring water? Jumping up, I moved about the room trying to locate where the sound was coming from.  It had been snowing but this sounded like pouring rain.


To my horror, I realized I was hearing it from the vent in the floor which resides above the basement!    I yelled for Clay while hurdling the the baby gate we put up for the dogs and flew down the stairs like batman with bathrobe cape in tow.

The only light in the basement is at the very far end to which I sloshed through the flooding basement….yanked the cord.  Light flooding the room, Clay quickly realized that not only was I standing in water but so was the electrical cord to the pipe warmer and laying in the water at my feet!  In panic he yelled for me to get out of the way and jerked it from the wall.  Still thanking God to be here telling you this story.

The drain pipe from the furnace and water softener had Frozen outside, corking the line.  The water softener, with stellar timing, in the midst of a winter storm with negative degree temperature, decided it was time to clean and flush the system which was now backing up into the basement like an open garden hose.

At this time, Clay and I both realize that neither of us can see worth a darn and are having this conversation….

“How do you turn this off?”

How would I know this Clay?

“Well what does it say?”

Both of us are bent over, squinting at the softener display like a couple of Mr Magoo’s. “Oh for Pete’s sake!”  I bolted upstairs to retrieve reading glasses and finally we got it turned off and began the mop up.

How have you guys been?


  1. Everything about this sounds so eerily familiar, yet slightly different. Sound weird? 🤣 I am so Glad you slipped it off before stepping down. That would not have faired well 😂 I know all too well that 2 am necessary Netflix binge except it’s Hulu now that 30 Rock is on that one. 💕


    • No! I totally didn’t. I walked through water to reach the chain to the light. Once I yanked the chain and the light came on, Clay yelled for me to move and he ran up and jerked the power cord from the wall. The cord was at my feet in the water and plugged into the wall. I leapt from shear fright. I have no idea why or how that didn’t end badly but for the grace of God. It should’ve gone bad as soon as I stepped in the water. It certainly made us aware and caused us to change things to a safer environment.

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  2. Well … compared to you, all is good here 😉

    That was definitely not the kind of thing you want to wake up to in the middle of the night. Hope the damage was minimal! … but love your sense of humour 🙂


    • We are planning to finish the basement as an interim gathering spot between the house and the boat dock. Thankfully we hadn’t started that project so it only flooded a concrete floor. Messy but no real damage. Cutting away and replacing frozen pipe section so it can drain and bought a new pipe warmer an installing that. Making precautionary changes to avoid this in the future prior to putting in drywall and flooring.
      Hot mess. Lol

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