A Coffee And A Chat: Let’s Catch Up

Some days I feel inspirationally dried up.  I admit that’s been me for a while now but I’m equally certain it has a lot to do with so much going on in my life that I’ve become distracted by it all.  Sometimes you just need to talk it all out with a friend, so let’s have a coffee and a chat.


Clay, first injured his foot playing pickleball then suffered a spinal injury from an overzealous physical therapist! He’s been out of commission for weeks!  I ran him a foot bath with Epsom salts,  soaked them gave him a foot massage.  Girls, you know you have to be cautious offering to do these sorts of things lest they become suddenly accident prone and this becomes your new occupation. Lol

Our oldest son had been telling us that he’s had swollen lymph nodes.  These turned out to be tumors.  Surgery date to follow.  The waiting is the worst.  It allows much to much time for your worries and fears to chew at your edges.  Prayers sure welcomed. He and his wife, his Jr High sweetheart, just celebrated their 10th anniversary.


Our oldest daughter, who has achieved such a transformation having gone from morbidly obese to a BodyBuilding.com ambassador,  is taking her certification class to become a personal trainer!


Our next oldest son has gotten engaged! Oh we love her!  She just fits.   She’s wonderful for him and he’s absolutely wonderful to her.  She had been fostering a little girl and recently adopted her.  That’ll be another granddaughter to love…grandchild #6.  They had actually become pregnant prior and we were so excited for yet another grandbaby due in October.  Two months along, she contracted a severe case of the flu.  She passed out one morning, 4 times, hitting the floor before she was able to get help and to the hospital.  A week or so later, she miscarried.  It’s been a difficult time of grief but families pull together and love each other through the worst of times.  Now we are excited for the wedding and all the promise of a beautiful future.


Our third son is looking forward to his first born child,  a son named Creedon, who will be greeting the world in May! Grandchild #7! His mommy is the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve probably ever seen.  I can with absolute certainty tell you that I was not a lovely preggers.  Oh no, I had that, hit by a Mack truck look. Lol


Our youngest daughter is finishing her college career and won the internship she was hoping for at a children’s hospital and will be graduating in December.  We are so proud of this girl and The Children’s Hospital is just beginning to realize how lucky they are to have her.


We’ve had many stormy, dreary days but the sun has emerged, drawing spring flowers, budding trees and yards filled with grazing deer.  The bald eagles have returned to sit by the fish hatchery, hoping for snack and the groundhogs have crept from their dens.

Soon, we’ll be hiking and kayaking.  The boat is being de-winterized and readied for summer visitors.  Clay and I are remodeling the deck in preparation but will find moments to slip away to fish. Well, he’ll fish.  He tries to get me involved saying he wants me to be his fishing buddy.  I tell him, “Oh no, I’m no fishing buddy. I’m a fishing companion.”  I bring a book, bask in the sun and read while he fishes, occasionally looking up to tell him the fish he just caught has sad eyes and he should throw it back. 🤗  Trust me, I get a look from him as he does.  I’m guessing he’s rethinking that fishing buddy thing. Ha!




  1. Sad to hear about your sons health and the others miscarriage, sending positive vibes for both of them. Glad your son had his symptoms checked out, many don’t until it is too late
    nice little family you have and as a mom of 4 I understand the up and downs, joys and sorrows and trying to breath when both hit your family at the same time. thanks for sharing, agreed sometimes we just need to talk it out.


  2. Golly what a mixed bag of news! I will absolutely keep your entire family in my thoughts and prayers. What happens to one, happens to all! Wishing you nothing but blue skies and joy ahead 😊


  3. What a lovely family you have. It’s a scary time waiting for answers about your son. I am not medically trained but I would encourage him to seek natural ways to build his immune system and allow the body to fight off what ever is causing the tumors. I sure will pray for him as well.

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    • Thank you so much for your prayers! I readily admit that I am abundantly blessed and so humbled by it. 💕
      Pickleball is the fastest growing sport right now. It is a cross between tennis and a life size, 4 player ping pong. 2 players on each side of the court with a low net and is played with paddles and a plastic whiffle type ball. Great fun! Our social group play it aggressively like tennis players. Fantastic exercise too.

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  4. Don’t all fish have sad eyes when the get pulled from the water…without any air…lol

    You do have a lot on you plate. Seems the Lord is certainly preparing to bless you family.

    I will be in prayer!

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